Twitter prank says Jollof rice is harmful and warns well being dangers


An amusing prank flowing Twitter has actually seen clients mentioning that “Jollof rice is dangerous” and advising fellow foodies of the recipe’s ‘health risks.’

According to BBC, Jollof Rice has its beginnings in the Senegambia location of westAfrica However, this isn’t the key time Jollof has actually caused dispute on social networks, due to the fact that the well- recognized #Jollof Wars has actually caused relatively a mix.

The fight observed social networks clients say over that had one of the most reliable design of the recipe. Memes swamped Instagram and Twitter typically that consists of 2 images examining “Nigerian Jollof,” and “Ghanaian Jollof.”

If you may be trustful adequate to take into consideration everyone on Twitter after that you can have uncovered your self googling the suggested dangers ofJollof rice Let’s make clear the prank.

Photo absorbed Lagos, Nigeria

Twitter prank calls Jollof rice harmful

The Twitter prank began in reaction to a Twitter video clip published by the New York Times showing a dish on very easy techniques to makeJollof rice The inscription reviews: “This Jollof rice has the perfect sauce-to-rice ratio. It’s smoky and has a spicy kick.”

Then, Twitter clients established to start a pattern of advising individuals far from the dish. To do that they comprised fancy lies and notified produced stories of what struck them, or individuals they understood after they consumedJollof

One individual amusingly claimed “you can taste death in every bite” and another jested “one of my cousins went blind in one eye and lost a leg after eating jollof rice.”

Confused Twitter clients have actually been uncertain of whether to take into consideration the declarations or otherwise. One specific examined, “Is this satire I’m so lost.” Whilst another shared that they “almost got scared for a second.” Other social networks clients described as out the Twitter prank saying loudly: “IM BEGGING YOU TO STOP IM TOO GULLIBLE”

Is Jollof rice absolutely harmful?

No, there do not seem any type of disconcerting well being dangers pertaining toJollof rice In truth, Jollof rice is a significant dish. It will certainly be liked as a facet recipe along with fried plantain or as a significant dish with meats, and various dishes. It is a wholesome opportunity as it’s too much in healthy protein and fiber.

However, based on Jollof Festival, it’s excellent to have some choice when it come to taking in the recipe. The supply declares that If you’re taking in the similar Jollof rice everyday after that: “you’re putting yourself at risk for a number of health problems.”

It added affirms that: “Over time, this type of diet can lead to weight gain, diabetes, and other chronic health problems.”


Twitter prank says Jollof rice is harmful and warns well being dangers.For More Article Visit Techtwiddle

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