Twitter now lets you use security keys as the only 2FA method


Twitter now lets customers use security keys as the only two-factor verification (2FA) method while having all various other login approaches impaired, as the social media revealed 3 months earlier, in March.

2FA is an extra security layer for Twitter accounts calling for customers to use a security essential or go into a code along with their passwords to log right into their accounts.

This makes sure that only the account proprietor can visit and also obstructs harmful requisition efforts by thinking, making use of swiped qualifications, or resetting the password.

Option offered in mobile applications and also on the internet

Starting today, the business lets customers change to 2FA powered only by security keys on both the internet and also mobile applications.

This modification satisfies the demands of those that do not intend to use third-party verification applications or share their contact number to allow this security attribute on their accounts.

“Today, we’re adding the option to use security keys as your sole 2FA method — meaning you can enroll one or more security keys as the only form of 2FA on your Twitter account without a backup 2FA method,” Twitter said

“We know this is important to people because not everyone is able to have a backup 2FA method or wants to share their phone number with us.”

2FA security key only
Image: Twitter

Better defense from SIM-swapping strikes

Twitter has actually initially included security keys as among numerous 2FA approaches on the internet in 2018 and also assistance to use security keys when logging into mobile apps for 2FA- allowed accounts in December 2020.

The business likewise upgraded security essential assistance to the We bAuthn requirement, which provides safe and secure verification over the internet and also enabled the capability to use 2FA on any kind of Twitter account without a telephone number.

As discussed in the start, Twitter likewise included assistance for making use of numerous security keys on 2FA- allowed represent safely visiting and also warding off account requisition efforts adhering to phishing strikes.

While some top-level Twitter accounts were effectively pirated in 2014 regardless of having 2FA allowed after aggressors accessed to interior admin systems, you must still toggle on 2FA to be shielded versus less-sophisticated hacking efforts.

To turn on 2FA on your Twitter account, you need to go to your account food selection right into Settings and also Privacy, after that to Security and also account accessibility ( on the desktop computer) or Account > > Security ( on iphone) and also make it possible for the Two- aspect verification choice.

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