Tor Browser adds Snowflake anti-censorship feature, V2 onion warnings


The Tor Project has actually launched Tor Browser 10.5 with V2 onion URL deprecation warnings, a revamped Tor link experience, and also a boosted anti-censorship feature.

Last year, the Tor Project revealed that they were deprecating making use of V2 onion URLs for the more recent V3 URLs to supply even more durable cryptography, longer URLs to stop brute-forcing of concealed websites, and also cleaner code.

As component of this announcement, Tor cautioned that V2 URLs would certainly be deprecated making use of the adhering to timeline:

  • September 15th, 2020: 0.4.4. x: Tor will certainly begin cautioning onion solution drivers and also customers that v2 is deprecated and also will certainly be out-of-date in variation 0.4.6.
  • July 15th, 2021: 0.4.6. x: Tor will certainly no more sustain v2 and also assistance will certainly be eliminated from the code base.
  • October 15th, 2021: We will certainly launch brand-new Tor customer secure variations for all sustained collection that will certainly disable v2.

To alert Tor internet site admins of the forthcoming modifications, the Tor Browser will certainly currently show a message when seeing variation 2 Onion websites that their URLs would certainly quickly be deprecated, and also the website will certainly quickly be inaccessible unless they update to variation 3.

V2 URL warnings in Tor 10.5
V2 URL warnings in Tor 10.5

For internet site managers of Tor websites making use of V2 URLs, you ought to check out the Tor V2 Onion Services Deprecation FAQ for more details on just how to update to V3 URLs.

Snowflake included as a Tor bridge

The Tor Browser permits customers to use ‘Bridges‘ to bypass federal government or ISP censorship in numerous nations.

Bridges are Tor communicates run by volunteers that are not included in the general public Tor directory site. Users can after that ask for a bridge to make use of in the Tor browser to bypass censorship in their nation.

Tor customers can currently set up the Bridges includes to use the SnowFlake proxy network to bypass censorship.

Tor Browser 10.5 adds Snowflake as a bridge option
Tor Browser 10.5 adds Snowflake as a bridge alternative

Snowflake is a pluggable transportation that permits customers to produce Tor Bridges that bypass censorship quickly. Unlike various other Tor Bridges, Snowflake proxies can be made by just setting up a Chrome or Firefox expansion, permitting a much bigger target market to assist individuals obtain accessibility to the Internet under federal government censorship.

“Snowflake uses the highly effective domain fronting technique to make a connection to one of the thousands of snowflake proxies run by volunteers. These proxies are lightweight, ephemeral, and easy to run, allowing us to scale Snowflake more easily than previous techniques,” clarifies Tor’s censorship FAQ.

“For censored users, if your Snowflake proxy gets blocked, the broker will find a new proxy for you, automatically.”

If you wish to check out these functions, just make use of the Tor Browser autoupdate feature to update to variation 10.5 or download it straight from the Tor Browser download page.

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