The Virgin River Fan Theory About Mel’s Baby That Would Change Everything


Of all the cliffhangers provided in the “Virgin River” Season 3 ending, the largest among all of them all entailed Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) and also Jack (Martin Henderson). Season 3 observed their partnership face a ton of expanding discomforts, which inevitably triggered each gatherings doubting if they were actually definitely suggested to become all together. While both began tough at the starting point of the time, fractures started to create as Jack made an effort to handle the stress of being actually associated with Charmaine’s maternity as the dad of her children. Still arising away from the trouble she was actually refining in Season 2, Mel made an effort to imagine a future along withJack That concept consisted of possessing a baby– one thing that swamped Jack and also triggered him quickly finishing their partnership. The separation was actually a disastrous impact to Mel, that experienced reprimanded for being actually prone along with the male she liked, and also promptly pulled back to Los Angeles to resolve the split along with her sibling.

While in Los Angeles, Mel looked into the probability of possessing a baby on her very own. During her short holiday, she brought in a session at the IVF center where she had actually made an effort to possess a baby only a year or 2 earlier along with her advanced spouseMark “Virgin River” audiences really did not obtain an opportunity to view exactly how that session went, yet Mel was actually certainly various upon going back toVirgin River After an anxious reuniting along with Jack, both took a sunset walking all together and also started to tentatively explain their future. It went to this second, only secs prior to Jack organized to design, that Mel showed she was actually expecting and also really did not recognize the dna paternity of the kid.

The concern of that spawned Mel’s baby– Jack or even the eggs Mel saved away along with Mark– will definitely be actually attended to in “Virgin River” Season 4, yet the truth that it is actually also a conversation whatsoever provides uneasiness along with the series’s enthusiasts. According to one fan theory, there is actually just one reasonable solution “Virgin River” may offer audiences and also it would in fact highlight only exactly how annoying the cliffhanger remains in the method.

One Reddit fan theory mentions the dna paternity of Mel’s baby is actually extra apparent than you believe

After the launch of “Virgin River” Season 3 on Netflix, Reddit consumer u/caitieb123 shared their theory about that the dad of Mel’s baby is actually. They to begin with showed aggravation over the declaration that Mel would promptly be actually expecting along with Mark’s egg, initially, due to the fact that, as they took note, the method of IVF hardly ever triggers near-instant maternity end results. Instead, the method of IVF is actually strenuous– which Mel recognizes all also effectively due to the fact that she and also Mark looked at it earlier– and also demands tons of bodily prep work. u/caitieb123 ended their theory-argument mix through advising our team that “[Mel] was in L.A. for, like, three days and had the idea while she was there,” including that they “think she’s pregnant with Jack’s baby, at least I hope so.”

Redditor u/QuietTulip resided in contract along with u/Caitieb123’s theory, responding, “I certainly hope it’s Jack’s. One, the in vitro scenario with Mel was unrealistic. Two, I just do not want the complications that would ensue if the baby were not Jack’s. Plenty of baby drama going around. No more, please.”

u/Low_Razzmatazz_7023 added to the theory yet producing the incredibly last word that “[Mel] supposedly couldn’t get pregnant doing IVF with Mark. That’s what they were arguing about when the fatal accident occurred. Doing another round of IVF. Keyword: ’round.’ You don’t pop in on a whim and do IVF!” They happened to tell our team that “Virgin River” resolved revealing Mel and also Jack consistently making love in the very early component of Season 3.

Will this fan theory end up being correct on Virgin River Season 4?

Over the program of its own 3 periods, the creating on “Virgin River” hardly ever places a costs on reality. Characters become part of and also leave coming from impressive, life-altering conditions easily and also promptly, whether it is actually getting rid of a carcass and also proceeding along with one’s lifestyle or even obtaining involved after recognizing somebody for only a handful of full weeks. In the scenario of Mel and also Jack, it makes good sense that they would, rather immediately, discover on their own dealt with the fabulous dilemma around the dna paternity of Mel’s long-hoped-for baby. Having the series put together the complication of the dad being actually Mark (by means of an icy egg) or even Jack would include pressure to both’s still-healing partnership and also include additional body weight to Jack’s continuous concerns around ending up being a daddy.

That claimed, as this Reddit fan theory and also the added remarks pound residence consistently, there is actually just one reasonable response to the cliffhanger. Even if “Virgin River” stays with being actually primarily reasonable in its own representation of Mel’s rebooted IVF trip (as opposed to totally reasonable), there is actually only no other way she can be expecting 1 or 2 full weeks afterwards session inLos Angeles If “Virgin River” does not pick the response to this specific cliffhanger that straightens through this fan theory, it will definitely be actually a jaw-dropper unlike any type of the Netflix collection has actually provided to date.