The Team Holds the First Agile Coaching Bootcamp at Telkom


Uncertainty inside the enterprise world makes all firms should adapt. This accommodates adaptation to the means through which they work.

The technique of working so far can’t be associated at the second, which requires an entire lot of adaptation. One technique of working that’s at the second widespread is agile strategies of working.

When startups have been worthwhile 5-10 years in the previous, agile technique of working turning into an growing variety of widespread, even many firms/firms are vying for an agile transformation attributable to disruption and the emergence of a pandemic the place the complete lot on the earth is altering in a short while.

However, sadly there are nonetheless many who’re confused regarding the implementation of these agile strategies of working, notably for non-IT teams.

Because agile technique of working This is further familiarly utilized by IT teams in creating software program program.

Because of this confusion, Ekipa is true right here to help implement the greatest agile so that it might impact firms in going via this era of disruption.

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The First Agile Coaching Bootcamp at Telkom

The first Agile Coaching Bootcamp at Telkom

Recently Ekipa held a specific program to help unfold the phrase consciousness and agile implementation the least bit ranges in Telkom Indonesia, notably the DBT Directorate (Digital Business and Technology).

The program is packaged inside the sort of Agile Coaching Bootcamp. This Agile Coaching Bootcamp is the main at Telkom and the one one for the cause that pandemic inside the remaining two years.

Agile Coaching Bootcamp is an intensive Agile finding out train with an emphasis on case study and implementation of Agile Ways of Working inside the sort of simulations.

Every tribe and enterprise function will ship loads of representatives to participate on this train the place on the end of the implementation a certificates of completion is perhaps given to contributors.

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Ekipa has carried out two batches of Agile Coaching Bootcamp at Telkom.

The first batch will occur from 22-24 August 2022 and the second batch will run from 30 August 2022 to 1 September 2022.

What is unique about this Agile Coaching Bootcamp from Ekipa?

The uniqueness is that the contributors don’t merely sit once more and take heed to the cloth from the Agile Coaches.

The portion of the cloth that Ekipa provides is solely about 30% and the remaining 70% is further for implementation by case study which has been prepared.

Not solely that, in session teaching camp moreover interspersed with sport interactive and pleasant.

Interestingly, on this Agile Coaching Bootcamp session, contributors are moreover taught recommendations on the right way to do the technique improvement.

From this Agile Coaching Bootcamp, contributors are ready to find ache degree what they’ve felt up to now, offer you cool ideas and choices to beat them ache degree the.

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Telkom has benefited from the Agile Coaching Bootcamp, now it’s your group’s flip.

If your group needs to arrange an Agile Coaching Bootcamp for leaders and teams, then Ekipa is ready to help.

Let’s make certainly one of the greatest affect for enterprise with agile!

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