The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Has Resurrected This WandaVision Fan Theory


The “Spider-Man: No Way Home” trailer crack and also the succeeding actual trailer decline have actually delivered supporters of the Marvel-Sony shared endeavor to the type of craze that is actually unusual also through superhero motion picture requirements. It’s no surprise, either, viewing as the taster trailer hases plenty of trendy, coming back bad guys and also fast teases of thrilling experiences in the emergent Marvel Cinematic Universe handle theMultiverse

The Multiverse, naturally, has actually been actually greatly aggravated in “Spider-Man: Far from Home,” through which Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio professes to become a stuck heir of one more world as aspect of his wicked program. More lately, the Disney+ MCU reveal “Loki” generally seizures open up the “sacred timeline,” which appers to properly open the Multiverse effective. As such, you will suppose that the Disney+ reveal folks are actually contrasting the “No Way Home” trailer to will be actually “Loki,” however as it ends up, lots of folks have actually located a fascinating contrast in between the trailer and also “WandaVision” rather. Let’s check out at the “WandaVision” fan theory the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” trailer has resurrected.

Fans presume Doctor Strange is actually Mephisto in masquerade

Hey, keep in mind that preferred fan theory concerning Marvel’s red-tinted ersatz evil one, Mephisto, seeming in “WandaVision?” That ended up … significantly lower than accurate, and also unless the MCU is actually participating in a ridiculously lengthy activity, that stained-glass home window Easter egg in “Loki” really did not end up him, either. Still, it takes even more than that to place a relentless fan theory down, which is actually why a lot of supporters have actually been actually proposing on Twitter that, yes, Doctor Strange merely could be Mephisto in “No Way Home.”

“Mephisto has been a trend since the beginning of #WandaVision and with the #SpiderManNoWayHome trailer the theories resurface,” consumer @detective_13579 outlined the scenario. “Some users have noted that Dr. Strange could be #Mephisto and that the plot of the film will be inspired by the comic ‘Spider-Man: One More Day’.” User @aring1234 has their thoughts in the very same location, and also they likewise used a theory of the actual Strange’s location: “What if #DrStrange is fixing the multiverse and #Mephisto is posing as Strange, that’s why he disregards what #Wong says, or he has Dr. Strange trapped and is posing as Strange.”

The witties storyline they’re pertaining to, “One More Day,” is actually a quite notorious account that entails Spider-Man negotiating along with Mephisto if you want to conserve Aunt May (participated in through Marisa Tomei in the MCU), at the expense of his relationship. Since that account likewise entails Peter speaking to Doctor Strange for aid– and also because, properly, it is actually approximately Mephisto supporters believe they find some correlations in between the account and also the “No Way Home” trailer.

Watch “Spider-Man: No Way Home” when it premieres on December 17 to learn the honest truth responsible for the most recent Mephisto story.