The Real Reason The Sopranos Will Never Get A Sequel


The upcoming movie “The Many Saints of Newark” is actually an innovator to the fabulous TELEVISION collection “The Sopranos.” It’s embeded in the titular New Jersey area in the ’60s and also ’70s and also observes the partnership in between adolescent Tony Soprano (Michael Gandolfini, child lately “Sopranos” celebrity James Gandolfini) and also his father brown design Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola), father brown of Christopher (Michael Imperioli), along with whom Tony possessed his very own complex partnership on the collection. There’s a terrific reason that it is actually an innovator and also certainly not a sequel, and also there might never be actually a straight sequel to “The Sopranos,” depending on to “Many Saints” supervisorAlan Taylor The reason concerns the popular ultimate setting of the series.

In the final act of the final incident, Tony Soprano is actually sitting along with his loved ones to consume a dish in a customer. A male in a Members Only coat is actually enjoying him. As Tony tries to find that is actually can be found in the door of the dining establishment, the display immediately reduces to dark. It’s a strange and also unclear closing, and also enthusiasts have actually possessed inquiries concerning what it indicates and also what occurred to Tony since. Creator David Chase has actually declined to claim what occurred, and also possibly never will.

David Chase does not intend to must address what occurred to Tony

Alan Taylor states Chase’s persistence on allowing the puzzle be actually is why there will not be actually a “Sopranos” sequel. The supervisor said to The Hollywood Reporter that Chase will never concur to carry out a sequel due to the fact that he will must “explain what happened in that room”– “that room” being actually the dining-room ofHolsten’s Brookdale Confectionery For the document, Taylor presumes Tony was actually eliminated.

In 2019, Chase pertained to a “death scene” for Tony in a meeting, however after that mentioned that he suggested an earlier model of a concept that had not been utilized. So he is actually never definitively commented one means or even the various other on Tony’s destiny.

But possibly sooner or later he will. No one ever before presumed Chase will review the planet of “The Sopranos,” and also right now listed below he is actually, creating and also making an innovator. In his meeting, Taylor suggested that Chase might possess some concepts for additional “Sopranos” tales. He mentioned that Chase mentioned one thing to him that created him talk to if Chase was actually dealing with a sequel. “And he said ‘maybe,'” Taylor mentioned.

“The Many Saints of Newark” will reside in movie theaters and also on HBO Max on October 1.

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