The Post-Truth World Ending, Explained: Who Killed Wang Shi- yun?


Directed by If Chen (Chen I-fu), ‘The Post-Truth World’ or ‘Zui hou zhen xiang’ is a Taiwanese Mandarin- language suspense thriller film. The story rotates round Zhang Zheng- yi (Edward Chen). Once an increasing baseball natural born player, Zheng- yi was founded guilty of killing his partner, Wang Shi- yun (Tzu Hsuan Chan), at a ball park in 2012. Journalist as well as support Liu Li- minutes (Hsiao- chuan Chang) was furthermore on the ball park together with his home on the moment. When Li- minutes mosts likely to talk to an aged mobster on the prison, Zheng- yi takes him restricted as well as runs away. Although he allows Li- minutes go swiftly after, the last become chosen to locate out what really happened 7 years in the past, not basically to reveal Zheng- yi’s virtue nonetheless to spruce up his winding down career as a support. Here is every point you would potentially desire to understand in relation to the ending of ‘The Post Truth World.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Post-Truth World Plot Synopsis

The period “post-truth” represents the majority of individuals need for attract feeling as well as exclusive ideas over details that might be shown fairly. In this film, this functions as a main theme as popular opinion continuously changes each time Li- minutes launches a brand-new video clip. On November 24, 2012, Li- minutes goes to a sporting activity on the ball park together with his partner, Xu Ya- jing, as well as little girl Liu Zhen- zhen. Zheng- yi can be there, along with Shi- yun as well as her sibling. Zheng- yi as well as Shi- yun suggest after her sibling discloses that her daddy needs her to participate in professors as well as never ever most likely to America along with her sweetheart. Soon after, Zheng- yi is uncovered holding the drab body of Shi- yun. All evidence that the authorities uncover paints Zheng- yi due to the fact that the wrongdoer, as well as he’s founded guilty as well as despatched to prison.

Seven years relocate, as well as we uncover Li- minutes, currently a widower, staying together with his little girl. Two years in the past, Ya- jing passed away of stomach most cancers cells. Li- minutes’s existing, ‘True Standpoint,’ isn’t doing the defined numbers, so he really feels pressurized by his editor. Desperate for a beneficial inside story, he accepts most likely to an aged mobster behind bars as well as is consequently hijacked by Zheng- yi in his proposal to run away.

Realizing that is precisely what he wished for, Li- minutes presses the recording on his cellular phone as well as live-streams his kidnapping. He finds out that Zheng- yi really did not objective him for any type of specific reason. He was the one press reporter to find back to the prison to talk to the aged mobster. Zheng- yi tosses Li- minutes’s cellular phone right into a lake, drops him off, as well as takes his vehicle. As the video clip gets to over one million sights, Li- minutes chooses to study Shi- yun’s passing away. Meanwhile, Zheng- yi finds out there’s a link in between him as well as the support he abducted. Apparently, Ya- jing penciled a proposition for a details stage on Zheng- yi’s doping.

The Post-Truth World Ending: Who Killed Wang Shi- yun?

The main thriller of the film rotates throughout the passing away of Shi- yun. She was a child of an abundant guy who really did not such as that she remained in a connection with Zheng- yi, a kid from a a great deal humbler history. After Zheng- yi displays up at Li- minutes’s residence as well as takes his little girl captive at blade degree, requiring to understand what his partner’s participation was within the passing away of his partner, Li- minutes is surprised as an outcome of Ya- jing never discussed any one of this to him. He starts going using his partner’s things from job as well as locates a tiny bag of drug within the documents marked for the evaluation on Shi- yun. He furthermore finds in his partner’s day coordinator that she was meant to please Shi- yun on November 24 on the restroom the area the vibrant lady’s body was uncovered.

Zheng- yi understands that he had an illegal material called tuaminoheptane in his blood from the enhance beverage Shin- yun was providing him. As the supply of information concerning Ya- jing is Shi- yun’s sibling, Li- minutes sees Shi- yun’s home, with Zheng- yi staying once again within the vehicle. They discover it was Shi- yun’s daddy who guided the real design of enhance to Shin- yun, who had no idea it included outlawed compounds. Moreover, Shi- yun’s daddy furthermore tipped Ya- jing off around Zheng- yi’s doping, indicating to ruin the more youthful guy’s career earlier than it also began.

It appears that when Shi- yun recognized this, she came close to Ya- jing as well as begged along with her to refrain from doing the stage on Zheng- yi’s doping. In profession, she assured to give the press reporter a story a number of medicine cartel at their professors. She declared that Wu Lin, the heir of the flourishing Wu home, is the top of the pointed out cartel, as well as she or he herself belonged of it. Indeed, postmortem examination evaluations disclose that there was drug in her system on the moment of her passing away.

Ultimately, all these hints lead to no place. Li- minutes learns his partner completed her examination as well as located that there had not been any type of cartel on the professors; Wu Lin acquired the medication from his relative inNorth America He is the one who damaged the digicam there, nonetheless he never believed that Shi- yun can be killed later on at that extremely area. Shi- yun produced all the aspect, along with putting $600,000 in her individual account, to see to it that Zheng- yi’s career would not be ruined for something that her daddy created.

Li- minutes eventually locates the reply, or at the minimum a component of it, when he notifications Zeng Jing- an advertising beverages on the ball park in a picture he brought with his home. Earlier within the film, Li- minutes as well as his little girl checked out an aged lady impacted by severe memory loss: Chen Mei- zhi. She made use of to work with the ball park when Shi- yun was killed. When Li- minutes discussed Zheng- yi’s determine throughout their most likely to, she started asking forgiveness. In the present, Li- minutes reasons that her grand son Zeng Jing- an is one means or the various other worried in Shi- yun’s passing away. When Li- minutes as well as Zheng- yi face him, Jing- an approves fault, declaring it was a crash. Shi- yun took drug for the main time whereas setting up Ya- jing as well as Wu Lin as well as was listed below its affect when Jing- an experienced her. There was a scuffle that Shi- yun started, as well as she or he was by coincidence killed. He furthermore declares that his granny aided him clear later.

Zheng- yi eliminates Jing- an, as well as Li- minutes declares that it happened as an outcome of Zheng- yi was protecting him. Li- minutes learns what really happened because closed-off restroom in the direction of the top of the film. It is specified within the post-credits scene. As Shi- yun was passing away, she attempted calling Zheng- yi, requesting his help as well as claiming it damages. There is a metal noise within the history. Li- minutes understands that it obtained right here from the knee support Mei- zhi uses. It was she who was within the restroom with Shi- yun on the moment of the vibrant lady’s passing away as well as never ever her grand son. Mei- zhi is the one chargeable for Shi- yun’s unintended passing away.

How Did Zeng Jing- an die?

Although Li- minutes informs the authorities as well as the world that Zheng- yi killed Jing- an after the last took him captive, the truth is something completely various. The critical scene happens in the similar restroom as Shi- yun’s passing away, although this moment, it’s valuable. When Zheng- yi attempts to fire Jing- an, Li- minutes interferes. Jing- a pushes Li- minutes away as well as attempts to run away. But Zheng- yi captures him as well as stabs him to passing away with among lots of broken floor tiles. Li- minutes furthermore exists that Jing- an attempted to rape Shi- yun, concealing that she was listed below the affect of drug.

All this happens earlier than Li- minutes finds the fact concerning Mei- zhi. But also afterwards, he promotes the lie. This ending envelops the main style of the film. In the world of social media sites, truth concerns less than idea. This is specifically emphasized in a cool scene in the direction of the top of the film. Zhen- zhen informs her daddy the main time she observed Zheng- yi, she recognized he was not an awesome. When La- minutes asks what concerning Jing- an, she immediately responds, “Totally a killer.” The truth is the various other of this idea. Jing- a really did not eliminate anyone; his only criminal activity was offering to his granny clear up every one of the evidence after Shi- yun’s passing away. Meanwhile, gotten over by his craze, Zheng- yi completely eliminates Jing- an.

We can more than likely presume that Li- minutes really feels some regret concerning what happened. But it isn’t differentiated adequate for him to do something concerning it. It is very closely suggested that he also eliminates the recording he made when he checked out Mei- zhi, the one item of evidence that might reveal that Jing- an was safe. Life has actually taken a positive flip for Li- minutes considering that all this happened. He is currently a viral newscaster with a huge following, as well as his feeling of regret is simply not extreme adequate to threaten that. But he does actually feel some regret, which is why he has actually not published motion pictures considering that, nonetheless after that, his little girl advises him that if he does not remain energised, he’ll shed the fans as well as cloud he has actually collected.

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