The Linda Barnes Decision That Has Criminal Minds Fans Scratching Their Heads


The Behavioral Analysis Unit tackled a lot of tough enemies on “Criminal Minds.” There was actually the rigorous sequential fantastic George Foyet (C. Thomas Howell) as well as Peter Lewis (Bodhi Elfman), that emotionally tortured his targets under the pen namesMr Scratch. Not each one of all of them were actually crooks as well as greats, however. In the program’s 13th time, they encountered an incredibly significant existential risk with the help of the FBI’s Assistant Director of National Security Linda Barnes (Kim Rhodes).

After very first looking on “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” Barnes emerged during the course of Season thirteen as well as squandered no time at all in creating her existence recognized to the BAU. Between modifying plans, placing herself in to inspections, messing up functions because of her micromanaging, as well as, at some factor, endangering to disperse the team completely, she promptly created herself as an adversary to the wealth of the device. It was actually a significant triumph when they ultimately acquired on their own of under her command due to the side of the time.

For all the craven techniques she took, there was actually one that possessed some fans of the set perplexed regarding her intents as well as approaches. Barnes was actually a significant political electrical power gamer in the FBI yet creating JJ Jareau (A.J. Cook) the brand new Unit Chief of the BAU was actually one aspect of her 3D mentally stimulating games activity some visitors simply could not find out.

Fans could not find out the calculus responsible for Barnes placing JJ accountable of the BAU

One of Barnes’ most significant techniques after establishing her political direct the BAU was actually placing past Unit Chief Emily Prentiss (Emily Prentiss) on managerial leave of absence as well as selecting JJ as the team’s brand new innovator. This modification really did not simply frustrate the BAU, it likewise left behind some visitors questioning what Barnes’ play was actually.

Reddit customer u/No _ Seesaw_5789 began a thread to make an effort as well as obtain to the base of it, which they favorably labelled: “Why did Linda Barnes make JJ the unit chief and not Rossi or Reid?” The primary complication for u/No _ Seesaw_5789 appears to become why Barnes really did not market an even more knowledgeable broker like Rossi or even somebody like Reid, that is actually an actual licensed wizard.

A couple of commenters piped up along with their suggestions regarding what lagged the decision. User u/hi _ claire filled in as well as claimed, “I was wondering about this too because Rossi’s older and he’s more experienced, but Barnes wanted Rossi to retire so she chose JJ.”

User u/mccabebabe got on an identical insight. “I think it was because she thought she’d be able to manipulate JJ,” they assumed. “Her plan was to downsize the team, and getting rid of Rossi and Reid was what she wanted to do, with the built in excuses of retirement (for Rossi) and reassignment to teaching (for Reid) paving the way.”

But despite having that details, the entire strategy still really did not pretty integrated. “I never understood what her end game was there,” composed u/imSOsalty, “like downsize the BAU so it’s ineffective and then close it? And let serial killers run rampant?”

Ultimately, Barnes was actually reversed through her very own micromanaging as well as the staff framework was actually repaired. No concern what explanation she ate placing an unwilling JJ accountable, it merely had not been indicated to become.