The Huge Role Rachael Leigh Cook Regrets Passing On


Rachael Leigh Cook has actually arrived a very long way given that her “She’s All That” and also “Josie and the Pussycats” times. Even though she might possess left behind the mainstream limelight, Cook has actually been actually functioning continuously over the final twenty years. On leading of her looks in a lengthy strand of movie and also tv jobs, she has actually additionally offered her vocal to many computer game. She just recently has actually included the task of manufacturer atop her performing credit ratings, each starring and also working as corporate manufacturer in a collection of feel-good romcoms for the Hallmark Channel.

1999’s “She’s All That” was actually the dive beginning to Cook’s job, so it was actually no surprise that she was actually inquired to seem in the Netflix gender-swapped remake, “He’s All That.” In the movie, Cook participates in the mom of well-liked social networks influencer, Padgett Sawyer (Addison Rae). Although there was actually some supposition over whether Cook’s role was actually suggested to embody a more mature variation of Laney Boggs– her role in the authentic movie– Cook placed those stories to remainder. “I feel like there’s a ton of similarities between the way [writer Lee Fleming] wrote Laney Boggs and the way he wrote Addison’s character’s mother,” Cook informedBustle “Who, by the way, doesn’t have a name that’s ever spoken out loud in the script as it was delivered to me. The way it was written, I couldn’t help but feel like they were trying to make people wonder if it was Laney but older. I think it’s possible, but this was never discussed with me; it was not my intention, I was just following the writing.”

While her personality in “She’s All That” might be considered her very most renowned, Cook just recently revealed that a huge Marvel franchise business the moment considered her for a significant role.

Cook admitted to producing a “huge misstep” through disapproving this X-Men role

In an unique along with The New York Times, Rachael Leigh Cook exposed the label of an extensive motion picture collection that she was actually the moment thought about for– and also it occurs to become the one role that, recalling, she regrets disapproving.

Some backstory: Following the results of the well-liked Saturday early morning anime collection, “X-Men,” both Marvel and also Fox execs started going after a live- activity movie which will include the well-liked comics personalities. In 2000, they introduced the very first movie in the eruptive superhero franchise business, designating then-unknown Hugh Jackman to star in what will end up being one of the most renowned role of his job–Wolverine The 2nd very most crucial role in the very first “X-Men” movie was actually that of Rogue, a youthful mutant whose failure to touch an additional individual without draining all of them of their toughness was actually the best analogy for the withdrawal of the mutant expertise.

The role of Rogue eventually headed to “True Blood” celebrity Anna Paquin, yet it ends up that Rachael Leigh Cook was actually additionally used the task, however, chosen to hand down it. She conveyed in the current job interview that this was actually a “huge misstep.”

“As soon as I saw the posters for it, I knew that I’d made a mistake,” Cook stated.

Once the amounts for “X-Men” started gathering, it was actually most likely sodium on the cut forCook The movie’s position earned $157 thousand locally, along with an overall of virtually $300 thousand around the world (by means of Box Office Mojo). The movie’s results will give rise to various follows up and also sequels, and also the “X-Men” collection all at once is actually commonly attributed along with delivering the now-dominant superhero category to the center ofHollywood With the only thing that in thoughts, it is actually no surprise that Cook complains her selection to wiggle out.