The $250 service behind recent malware attacks


Security analysts examining numerous malware circulation initiatives located that a below ground web traffic circulation service named Prometheus is in charge of supplying risks that typically trigger ransomware attacks.

Among the malware households that Prometheus TDS has actually given out up until now are actually BazarLoader, IcedID, QBot, So cGholish, Hancitor, and also Buer Loader, each one of all of them frequently utilized in intermediary strike phases to download and install even more destructive hauls.

Trojan shipment service

A website traffic path device (TDS) permits rerouting customers to satisfied based upon certain attributes (e.g. site, foreign language, tool style) that identify more activity.

Threat stars have actually been actually utilizing such resources for much more than a many years. A 2011 report from Trend Micro particulars an upgrade of the Koobface botnet along with a TDS part that enhanced earnings through steering web traffic to partner advertising and marketing web sites.

Researchers at cybersecurity firm Group-IB found that the Prometheus TDS malware- as-a-service (MaaS) procedure is actually being actually marketed on below ground discussion forums given that at the very least August 2020 for $250 monthly.

An individual named Main is actually ensuring it as a “professional redirect system” along with anti-bot security that appropriates for e-mail advertising, producing web traffic, and also social planning.

Prometheus TDS promoted on underground forum

Prometheus makes use of a system of web sites corrupted along with a backdoor easily accessible coming from the service’s management door, where clients can easily produce an account for their intendeds.

The analysts point out that customers may be rerouted to a web site corrupted along with Prometheus.Backdoor with an e-mail initiative supplying an HTML data along with a redirect, or even a hyperlink to an internet layer triggering a jeopardized web site, or even a Google paper leading to the destructive URL.

Prometheus traffic distribution service

When customers come down on the hacked site, the PHP-based Prometheus.Backdoor picks up the hookup particulars (Internet Protocol deal with, customer broker, referrer header, opportunity area, foreign language) and also ahead all of them to the admin door.

“If the customer is actually certainly not acknowledged as a robot, at that point, depending upon the arrangement, the management door can easily send out an order to reroute the customer to the indicated URL, or even to send out a harmful data. The haul data is actually sent out utilizing an exclusive JavaScript code” – Group-IB

The destructive code is actually typically concealed in destructive Microsoft Word or even Excel papers, although ZIP and also RAR repositories have actually likewise been actually utilized.

During their examination, the Group- IB Threat Intelligence staff located much more than 3,000 aim at e-mail deals with in initiatives that utilized Prometheus TDS.

Some of the targeted inboxes concerned U.S. authorities firms, firms, and also organizations in the financial and also financial, retail, electricity and also exploration, cybersecurity, medical care, IT, and also insurance coverage markets.

When examining the Prometheus TDS malware circulation initiatives, the analysts located lots of destructive Office papers that provided Campo Loader (a.k.a. BazarLoader), Hancitor, QBot, IcedID, Buer Loader, and also So cGholish.

Malicious document delivered through Prometheus TDS

All of the above trojan virus are actually malware downloaders entailed over recent year in earlier phases of a ransomware strike (WastedLocker, Ryuk, Egregor, RansomExx, REvil, Cuba, Conti).

However, the Group- IB Threat Intelligence staff said to BleepingComputer that they can certainly not connect the Prometheus TDS to ransomware attacks since they checked out the destructive reports in an online setting.

“Group-IB researchers examined the extracted malicious files in the virtual environment, while ransomware operators now tend to be selective, which means that after the network compromise they proceed with the lateral movement to find out more about the compromised company and decide whether it’s worth to encrypt its network. So possibly the virtual machines didn’t seem attractive enough to the cybercriminals” – Group- IB

After downloading and install the malware, a number of the destructive papers rerouted customers to reputable web sites (DocuSign, USPS), to disguise the malware disease.

Fake VPN, spam, and also code brute-forcing

Apart coming from malware, Prometheus TDS has actually likewise been actually utilized to reroute customers to web sites delivering bogus VPN options, marketing pharmaceutical items (Viagra spam), or even phishing webpages for banking relevant information.

Whoever is actually behind Prometheus is actually likewise managing yet another service named BRChecker – a code brute-force resource, which discussed the structure utilized due to the TDS service.

BRchecker password brute forcer ad on underground forum

Group- IB located promotions for BRChecker as aged as the middle of-June 2018 coming from a consumer phoned Mainin, a manage incredibly identical to the one ensuring Prometheus.

The analysts said to BleepingComputer that the overlaps in functions and also structure suggest that both companies possess the very same programmer.

The pair of devices are actually energetic, as the analysts find brand new web sites corrupted along with Prometheus.Backdoor each day. Furthermore, admin boards seem consistently, a crystal clear indication of brand new clients.

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