Texas man allegedly shot lady lifeless after she beat him in basketball sport


An individual in Texas allegedly shot and also eliminated a lady after she beat him in a round of sphere. Cameron Hogg, 31, was caught Thursday and also charged of murder within the death of 21-year-old Asia Womack, Dallas Police discussed.

Police found Womack laying on a sidewalk with “numerous discharge wounds” within the 4100 block of Hamilton Road onOct 3. Specialists on name rose her to an area emergency situation center the area she passed away.


Hogg allegedly started taking images at Womack at T.G. Terry Park in South Dallas when a fight in concerns to the b-ball sport elevated, community terminal Fox 4 described.

Womack, that carried out for her extreme sphere university team, allegedly beat Hogg in a pick-up sport, which motivated scrap talk in between both that transformed strong, her family notified the center supply.

A nearby preacher described her murder as “so silly.”

“You become humiliated fundamentally on the grounds that a female beat you in ball,” Minister John Delley notified Fox 4.

The woman’s mommy could not obtain a handle on the fatal viciousness, stating she approved her meant death squad was her little female’s buddy.

“This should be a companion of Asia’s. She’s eaten with the man,” her mommy Andrea notified the center supply. “She’s taken care of him, and he turned on her and killed her in a horrendous manner.”


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