Telegram for Mac bug lets you save self-destructing messages forever


Researchers have actually uncovered a method for consumers on Telegram for Mac to always keep certain self-destructing messages forever or even watch all of them without the email sender ever before recognizing.

Telegram provides an extra ‘Secret Chat’ setting that enhances the personal privacy of conversations through permitting a range of extra functions.

When you begin a Secret Chat along with one more Telegram consumer, the hookup will certainly end up being end-to-end encrypted, plus all messages, add-ons, as well as media will certainly be actually readied to instantly self-destruct as well as be actually eliminated coming from all gadgets after a particular duration.

However, brand new insects uncovered through Reegun Richard Jayapaul, Trustwave SpiderLabs’ Lead Threat Architect, permit Telegram for Mac consumers to save self-destructing messages as well as add-ons forever.

When media data, apart from add-ons, are actually delivered in a notification, they are actually conserved in a store directory positioned at the complying with road, along with the XXXXXX serial numbers connected with a profile.

/Users/Admin/Library/Group Containers/ appstore/account -1271742300 XXXXXX/postbox/media

Telegram will certainly certainly not download and install add-ons (files like message, doctor, or even pdf data, as well as Audio as well as online video) unless a recipient tries to open all of them. This is actually very likely carried out as a result of the much larger measurements of add-ons.

When a recipient checks out the information or even looks at the material, the self-destruct cooking timer will certainly begin, as well as when ended up, the material will certainly be actually instantly be actually removed.

However, Reegun uncovered that the self-destructing media was actually certainly not removed coming from the store directory, as well as a consumer can save it to one more area on their hard disk.

This bug was actually repaired through Telegram for macOS in model 7.7 (215786) or even later on after it was actually properly mentioned, however there is actually an extra bug that lets you save self-destructible media.

Copying unopened self-destructing media

As vocal audios, online video messages, photos, or even area sharing photos are actually instantly downloaded and install to the store, Reegun uncovered that a consumer can just duplicate the media coming from the store directory prior to watching it in the course.

“Bob sends a media message to Alice (whether voice recordings, video messages, images, or location sharing). Without opening the message, since it may self-destruct, Alice instead goes to the cache folder and grabs the media file,” Reegun details in his file.

“She can also delete the messages from the folder without reading them in the app. Regardless, Bob will not know whether Alice has read the message, and Alice will retain a permanent copy of the media.”

Accessing unopened Telegram media directly from the cache folder
Accessing unopened Telegram media straight coming from the store directory

Telegram expressed Reegun that this 2nd bug will certainly not be actually repaired as there is actually no other way to safeguard versus straight accessibility to the application’s directory.

“Please note that the primary purpose of the self-destruct timer is to serve as a simple way to auto-delete individual messages. However, there  are some ways to work around it that are outside what the Telegram app  an control (like copying the app’s folder), and we clearly warn users about such circumstances:” – Telegram.

Reegun said to BleepingComputer that he differs and also Telegram can take care of the bug through managing all self-destructing media similarly as add-ons as well as certainly not install all of them to the neighborhood report unit up until they level.

In February, safety and security analyst Dhiraj Mishra uncovered an identical susceptibility in the Secret Chat function that resulted in self-destructing media certainly not to become removed coming from receivers’ gadgets.

“This is a similar bug, but the media was left in an entirely different file location. This researcher’s findings were patched in Telegram v7.4, while our researcher’s findings weren’t fully patched until v7.7,” Karl Sigler, Senior Security Research Manager, Trustwave SpiderLabs, said to BleepingComputer. “It’s apparent that Telegram has a history of leaving these supposedly “Self-Destruct” media files behind.”

BleepingComputer has actually spoken to Telegram concerning the bug to inquire why this solution is actually certainly not being actually set in motion however has actually certainly not listened to back.

A manifestation of exactly how this bug functions could be found in the online video listed below.

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