Still Time Ending, Explained: How Does Dante Stop Traveling in Time?


Directed by Alessandro Aronadio, Netflix’s ‘Still Time’ is an Italian comedy-drama that stars Edoardo Leo, Barbara Ronchi, and alsoMario Sgueglia The movie, entitled ‘Era Ora’ within the distinct Italian, complies with the tale of Dante, a workaholic that someway locates himself arbitrarily exploring through time year by year without administration over how his life draws out. The movie talks in concerns to the relevance of focusing on a personal life over a specialist one and also uses the eccentric time-traveling element as an allegory for a mid-life calamity. Dante maintains bulging and also in of time linearly on his birthday celebrations and also witnesses the injury ended up to his life by his work-centered, busy propensities. Watching his life take unexpected and also radical turns year after year, Dante attempts to choose a coating to his loophole and also conserve his family from sliding by ways of his fingers. Due to the complex and also unanswered beginning of Dante’s connection with time and also the basic unpredictability the story brings with it till the top, the audiences will certainly require to have some concerns in concerns to the movie. Here are a few of them discussed. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Still Time Plot Synopsis

‘Still Time’ starts with Dante setting up Alice for the main time. At a new year’s celebration, Dante by crash confuses Alice for his partner and also kisses her. The possibility setting up, although uncomfortable, however lights a trigger in between Dante and also Alice, resulting in them eventually being in a connection. Alice is a musician. She’s never in a thrill and also takes pleasure in the little minutes in life. Her spontaneity, however, is compared with Dante’s firm, rash life. On Dante’s fortieth birthday celebration, Alice tosses him a shock celebration for when he returns from job, nevertheless Dante’s timetable is so stuffed he does not make it once again house hrs behind he was hypothesized to. Regardless of his hold-up, they however have a party.

However, problems take a peculiar flip when Dante awakens the adhering to day to choose Alice a number of months expecting. Dante starts to value that as an alternative of awakening the day after his fortieth birthday celebration, he has actually someway awakened a complete year onward on his forty initial birthday celebration. Unnerved and also perplexed at the fact that he had actually evidently lived an entire year with out bearing in mind any one of it, Dante starts to stress and also sleeps. Only to obtain up on the day of his forty 2nd birthday celebration succeeding. As problems progression, Dante’s time jumping accompanies out rhyme or function– one min, he’s living in 2014, after which within the blink of an eye dealt with, a year passes.

As the years (hrs for Dante) pass, his connection with Alice worsens. He figures out that the 2 have actually divided which he has started seeing his assistant from job,Francesca Dante attempts to make points much better and also draw his life jointly, nevertheless with entirely eventually out of a year to deal with– problems hold dropping apart far more. At the similar time, although his house life maintains worsening, his job life boosts. Stuck with the effects of options he does not birth in mind production, Dante sees life go him by whereas attempting to make problems correct again.

Still Time Ending: How Does Dante Stop Traveling in Time?

The 2nd time Dante leaps in time, he seeks clinical aid. His results return with none sign of one point being incorrect, and also the doctor does not take him significantly. Next, when Dante shares what he’s passing ways of along with his closed pal, Valerio, he isn’t mocked promptly. Though it’s clear that Valerio does not consider him absolutely both, he however attempts to provide Dante some suggestion. Valerio informs him that he’s moving through life as well fast as an outcome of he’s at all times dashing. He pays a too much quantity of factor to consider to his job and also never ever enough factor to consider to his life outdoors of the office. This view is renewed consistently by entirely various people in his life at entirely various circumstances, however any time when Dante attempts to fix his future, he however ultimately winds up falling short.

He attempts to stop his work, nevertheless earlier than he can do it, he ultimately winds up jumping onward to the adhering to year, the area he’s the supervisor of the company. He attempts to complete problems with Francesca nevertheless a min later on locates that the 2 have actually proceeded their connection a year later on. He needs to invest additional time along with his little girl, nevertheless after assuring her he’ll see her again promptly, he locates himself depending on the patio of her residence after a year has actually handed. He figures out that Valerio has most cancers cells and also sheds his dad inside what’s practically a year nevertheless for him, simply a couple of hrs.

But after that Dante discovers Valerio’s reconstruction and also ultimately uses the here and now Valerio had actually offered to him originally of the tale: A rollercoaster journey. Afterward, one point clicks for Dante, and also he makes a decision to change the means in which he’s been living his life. Dante drives as high as his office and also all nevertheless proclaims that he’ll not be making his work a priority. He will certainly obtain a canine and also invests all the day along with his family, having a good time with their company and also never ever stressing over the remainder. And after that when he awakens the adhering to day– it absolutely is the adhering to day, and also never ever the adhering to year.

So what did it? What damaged the loophole? Was the rollercoaster some magical event of flow that Dante required to experience earlier than his life may go back to routine? Well no. As spoke about previously, the movie uses Dante’s experience with time as an allegory for his mid-life calamity. In the tale, Dante is reputable to be a workaholic with not enough time to absolutely get a kick out of life. And so, that’s exactly what it extracts from him to disrupt out of his loophole. It’s entirely when Dante quits trying to fix the previous or risk-free a higher future and also as an alternative starts living within the existing that his loophole breaks.

Do Dante And Alice End up Together?

Throughout the movie, Dante consistently maintains trying to lug ontoAlice As yearly passes, the stress in between Alice and also him expands. Though Dante does not birth in mind it, he strikes on with Francesca someplace together with the roadway, and also Alice recognizes her id outdoors ofDante Eventually, she locates Omar and also starts a connection with him, also presuming regarding navigate in with him. The entirely element during that time safeguarding Alice and also Dante in each other’s orbit seems their little girl,Galadriel Things show up stark for both, with Alice reluctant to idea Dante again.

However, as quickly as Dante invites her and also Galadriel over to his residence and also invests all the day with them, Alice last but not least sees a modification in him. Dante’s experience has actually educated him the relevance of living within the 2nd– his inability to do something about it has actually been the element that triggered a cleave of their connection within the top place. Now with it gone, problems obtain easier in between Alice and alsoDante The comparable is entirely represented incidentally in which Dante last but not least approves the fact that he wishes to go to 10 secs earlier than he can consume a fresh made pancake. Though the movie finishes with out an utmost reply on Dante and also Alice’s connection, it’s uncomplicated to see them functioning problems out eventually. With Dante’s time-traveling curse last but not least over and also his need to live life on the fast lane gone– he can last but not least start functioning in the instructions of fixing his connection with Alice.

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