Simu Liu Just Revealed How He Really Reacted To His MCU Casting


As movie and also TELEVISION followers recognize fairly effectively currently, a Marvel film or even TELEVISION series is actually certainly never just a standalone film. While each Marvel film performs require to inform a powerful tale by itself– and also perhaps make good sense to franchise business novices– it likewise needs to link in to the much larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, enhancing along the existing story in some type or even fashion trend. Such will definitely likewise hold true along with the upcoming “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and also indeed, celebrity Simu Liu recognizes everything about the tension on his shoulders: “Shang-Chi” is actually the initial Marvel movie along with a mainly Asian-American actors, and also Liu has actually been actually candid regarding the movie’s possibility in regards to portrayal. It’s likewise the initial movie specified observing “Avengers: Endgame,” a blog post-Thanos interval that has actually merely been actually caught sight of at in the Disney+ presents thus far.

Being appointed as the top in a hit Marvel movie is actually a life-altering achievement for Liu, that formerly pushed for the component on social networking sites. However, depending on to Liu, there was actually yet another significant aspect on his thoughts when he was actually initial taking appointments along with Marvel Studios head of state Kevin Feige– which is actually the inquiry of where Shang-Chi matches the greater image.

Simu Liu was actually inquiring inquiries, like a correct comics enthusiast

In a meeting along with, Liu pointed out that his initial inquiry to Kevin Feige was actually where “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” would certainly suit the general MCU tale.

“I think I remember asking Kevin Feige because he brought me into his office and he was like, ‘Okay, great. Do you have any questions?’ And the first thing that I asked was I was like, ‘How is it going to tie to the MCU?'” Liu revealed. “Because that’s all I wanted to know. I was like, ‘Am I going to be an Avenger? Am I going to see this person? Am I going to fight Thor? Am I going to be best friends with Captain America?’ Like, ‘Tell me!’ And he was just like, ‘Simu, you just have to trust us.'”

According to Liu, Feige failed to possess a lot of solutions during the time, considering that Marvel had not but pin down its own strategy for how, specifically, Shang-Chi was actually heading to link in to the more comprehensive cosmos. Even in the past, however, these strategies were actually crystalizing, and also Feige ensured Liu that he was actually heading to really love how everything appeared. Sure sufficient, Liu eventually discovered what these links to the MCU would certainly be actually when he went through the manuscript. And ever since, Marvel followers have actually likewise been actually acquainted in with the trailers, along with the absolute most evident hookup being actually the introduction of the atrocious Mandarin (Tony Leung Chiu- wai), a bad guy mentioned (or even, one could possibly point out, incorrectly revealed) in both “Iron Man” and also “Iron Man 3.” It appears that “Shang-Chi” will definitely likewise link in to “The Incredible Hulk,” being one of the Hulk’s opponents, The Abomination, seems in the movie.

Could there be actually extra MCU tradition to find? The chances promise. We’ll must hang around up until “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” premieres on September 3, 2021 to observe how deeper these links go.