Sertu Abu Kasim Assists Spinach Farmers


DUMAI (MR) – Kodim 0320/Dumai Through Babinsa Koramil-01 Kelurahan Ratu Sima, Sergeant Abu Kasim Implements Real Work Assistance (13/9).

Sertu Abu Kasim went on to the farmers, to produce direct steering on the procedures for planting Spinach.

“We do this assistance to help farmers maximize the yields from their gardens,” acknowledged Sertu Abu Kasim.

Arriving on the yard, Abu Kasim immediately carried out a proof of the planting course of and likewise went down on to planting this Spinach.

Not solely providing assist, Sertu Abu Kasim moreover carries out patrols to forestall forest and land fires (Karhutla).

He moreover socialized the prevention of forest and land fires to the world individuals by conveying the prohibition on clearing and clearing land by burning.

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“We hope that land owners do not open or clear land by burning it, this could lead to a crime,” he acknowledged.

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