Rumors Debunked: Does Pokimane Take Drugs as Old Video Resurfaces on Internet


Pokimane discredits medicine use rumors by explaining the context behind his outdated viral video. A brand new allegation has been doing rounds on the web nowadays. Well, the accusations are on Twitch streamer Imane Pokimane Anys this time and it appears that evidently a rival of hers is making an attempt laborious to hit her by weird feedback. If you might be well-known of Pokimane, the Twitch streamer, then you will need to have heard of the allegations on her.

The accusations on Pokimane are involved with medicine and appears a few of the haters are from Jidion who’s one other streamer of the identical line. The accusations have nevertheless surfaced on the web connecting to some outdated movies of the streamer Pokimane.

Is this not the identical lady who sniffs coke on stream?? Like frequently??

— 3D Printed Otaku Wolf🎮🇯🇲 #BLM (@DigiCellWolf) January 14, 2022

What’s The Whole Drug Accusations Around Pokimane?

The entire drug drama round Pokimane popped up when some outdated movies of Pokimane got here to the sight of her haters. Well, the video was utilized by the haters of Pokimane to say that the streamer takes medicine whereas on-line streaming.
An outdated video of Pokimane confirmed her utilizing her bank cards to type traces and her haters had been fast to catch that she used all that for taking medicine.

She doesn’t even exit digicam absolutely to do it both!! Yet let me put on a vest on stream and I get banned for carrying sexually express apparel 🙄🙄

— 3D Printed Otaku Wolf🎮🇯🇲 #BLM (@DigiCellWolf) January 14, 2022

Pokimane’s Reaction to the Drug Accusations?

Pokimane was not anticipating such allegations from her and has been banned on the streaming platform. However, from her aspect, she did come up on Twitter to say that the allegations made on her connecting to medicine are all false. She went forward to show herself by clarifying the video that confirmed her making the traces and taking the so-called medicine.
Pokimane was seen stating that she had opened one of many Japanese loot bins in the course of the viral on-line streaming video and was placing the Japanese sugar on the made traces and never the medicine she has been accused of.

Pokimane DrugsPokimane Reaction

Is Pokimane to Be Back With Her Streaming Again?

Pokimane was banned not for the drug accusations made on her however was quite banned for streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Jidion streamer’s neighborhood was identified to have focused Pokimane however the outcome was final that the Twitch streaming platform doesn’t have Pokimane to stream on it for some time.

However, we will nonetheless anticipate to see Pokimane on Twitch but it isn’t confirmed by now. Moreover, after haters hit her with impolite feedback on Twitter deal with too, Pokimane has restricted entry to her Twitter for the brand new members. So, she will be able to have privateness along with her true followers.

Fans Reaction

Pokimane doesn’t deserve any of the hate that males throw at her. She simply desires to supply content material for folks on the web and is consistently bombarded by misogynistic males slandering her.

— forge forward rohe (@hyperverocity) January 14, 2022

cokimane 🧟‍♀️

— Wokathon💜🥬 (@wokkathon) January 14, 2022

it is simply crack, we have all completed it. let folks get pleasure from factor ffs.

— sapphire (@starrphires) January 14, 2022

it is simply crack, we have all completed it. let folks get pleasure from factor ffs.

— sapphire (@starrphires) January 14, 2022

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