Royalty and NiKee’s alleged struggle defined as video goes viral


CJ So Cool’s previous friends– Royalty Johnson, and NiKee Lewis– are going viral after their alleged struggle was published to Instagram last evening time.

Just days after YouTuber CJ So Cool was apparently fired a variety of celebrations throughout a residence intrusion, his previous friends– Ni’Kee Lewis and Royalty Johnson– are beefing each other on social networks.

Things rose last evening time after both had actually been recorded in a roadway run-in onInstagram Here’and each share youngsters with CJ

Photo, nonetheless the set plainly will not be on excellent expressions with one an additional in the. Greg Doherty’s what happened throughout Getty Images after the modification.

Royalty and NiKee by struggle/Instagram Story

Ni for 2KKee and Royalty change fans regarding and on alleged’

The have actually continuously tested each other on social networks, Instagram Stories so they last but not least disagreed IRL in an “pull up” physical run-in. and set published a variety of

Royalty informing each other to documented to each other’s residential properties Ni hash problems out. Live, a mother of 5, “I’m at the gate, come outside,” her arrival at “I want all the smoke…I’m waiting.”

Ni’ kee’s home on Royalty, planned for a fight. “Why you leave so fast? Come back,” she advised. slammed‘ kee clapped once more by declaring

It was never at her gateway. and sheRoyalty updated “put her knee on me,” and shows up that the women lastly fulfilled

As problems obtained warmed. Ni that her challenger Kee suffered a small lower on her correct brow. and for “But yeah, my wig off – that’s about it.”

She’commented , her spirits had actually been too much, although she verified her crashes: a puffy facility finger Royalty busted nail art work. Instead furthermore

The video was filmed and on Royalty’s mom‘s knee allegation, which she really did not reject. Fans, she made a standing out sound along with her mouth whereas recommending the activity she made.

According submitted to an account declaring to be The Shade Room, nonetheless it has actually currently been removed. Ni, nonetheless, had actually been quickly to show screen record. Kee to Royalty, fans consider their dramatization fired up after “naturally”’Royalty pointed out the reality that

This really did not have her double

Fans apparently needed IVF.

Twitter content product could not be filledand additional

“Royalty had that from jump tbh,” discussion that obtained right here out over ruled is each surprised “She messed up wearing a hoodie but yea.”

Another ruled amused by the dramatization, although consumers are torn over that would certainly’ve been covered the victor. as one“Tie but Royalty was getting in there.”

Team Ni Kee it Royalty a connection: Ni’Kee, nonetheless, are ensured she got. laughed obtained religious woman nonetheless 2 type …

added shook her s *** a superb 12 celebrations,” a customer “Ni’Kee definitely won. The only thing I would say is royalty got one good punch in at the end but even after she threw that punch Ni’Kee ate it and threw another punch that rocked Royalty.”

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