REvil is increasing ransoms for Kaseya ransomware attack victims


The REvil ransomware gang is increasing the ransom money needs for victims secured throughout Friday’s Kaseya ransomware attack.

When carrying out an attack versus an organization, ransomware gangs, such as REvil, commonly research study a target by assessing swiped and also public information for monetary info, cybersecurity insurance plan, and also various other info.

Using this info, the variety of encrypted tools, and also the quantity of swiped information, the hazard stars will certainly develop a high-ball ransom money need that they think, after settlements, the target can manage to pay.

However, with Friday’s attack on Kaseya VSA web servers, REvil targeted the handled provider and also not their clients. Due to this, the hazard stars might not figure out just how much of a ransom money they need to require from the encrypted MSP clients.

As an option, it appears the ransomware gang produced a base ransom money need of $5 million for MSPs and also a much smaller sized ransom money of $44,999 for the MSP’s clients that were secured.

Ransom demand for Kaseya ransomware victims
Ransom need for Kaseya ransomware victims

It ends up this $44 thousand number is unnecessary as in various arrangement talks shown to and also seen by BleepingComputer, the ransomware gang is not recognizing these first ransom money needs.

When securing a target’s network, REvil can make use of several encrypted data expansions throughout theattack The hazard stars commonly give a decryptor that can decrypt all expansions on the network after a ransom money is paid.

For victims of the Kaseya ransomware case, REvil is doing points in a different way and also requiring in between $40,000 and also $45,000 per private encrypted data expansion discovered on a target’s network.

​A portion of REvil ransom negotiation
A section of REvil ransom money arrangement

For one target that specified they had more than a loads encrypted data expansions, the ransomware gang required a $500,000 ransom money to decrypt the whole network.

$500,000 ransom to decrypt the entire network
$ 500,000 ransom money to decrypt the whole network

However, the bright side is that the REvil reps have actually informed victims that they just secured networks, and also absolutely nothing even more. This indicates that REvil most likely did not take any one of the victims’ information, as they are understood to make use of that as take advantage of in ransomware settlements instantly.

REvil states data was not stolen
REvil shows information was not swiped

This likewise shows that the ransomware procedure did not gain access to the target’s networks prior to theattack Instead, they likely from another location made use of the Kaseya VSA susceptability to disperse the encryptor and also perform it on the target’s tools.

Attack’s after-effects

Since the assaults on Friday, Kaseya has actually been working on releasing a patch for the zero-day susceptability made use of in theREvil attack

This zero-day was found by DIVD scientists that revealed the t to Kaseya and also aiding check the spot.

Unfortunately, REvil discovered the susceptability all at once and also released their attack on Friday prior to the spot prepared, in the nick of time for the United States Fourth of July vacation weekend break.

It is thought that over 1,000 organizations have actually been influenced by the attack, consisting of assaults on the Swedish Coop grocery store chain, which needed to shut roughly 500 shops, a Swedish drug store chain, and also the SJ transportation system.

President Biden has actually guided United States knowledge companies to check out the attack however has actually not gone as much to state that the assaults stemmed from Russia.

The FBI likewise revealed today that they are examining the case and also functioning very closely with CISA and also various other companies.

“The FBI is investigating the Kaseya ransomware incident and working closely with CISA and other interagency partners to understand the scope of the threat.”

“If you think your systems have actually been endangered, we urge you to utilize all suggested reductions, follow Kaseya’s guidance to close down your VSA web servers instantly and also report to the FBI at,” stated the FBI in a press statement.

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