Relis Eastman Murder: Where is Scott Eastman Now?


911 Operators in Antioch, California, obtained a frenzied name in June 2016 educating them a couple of achievable murder. Once initial -responders hurried to the place, they uncovered Relis Eastman mendacity in a swimming pool of his individual blood on the ground, whereas his partner, Kathleen Rogenby, showed up totally ravaged. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Homicide Hunter: American Detective: Prodigal Son’ narrates the grievous murder as well as takes the audience by means of the adhering to examination that presented the criminal to justice. Let’s check out the bottom lines bordering the murder as well as find out added, we could?

How Did Relis Eastman Die?

A local of Antioch, California, Relis Eastman was just 44 years dated on the moment of his murder. He lived together with his partner, Kathleen Rogenby, as well as the pair was pleased father as well as mother to their little girl, Aurora Lynn Eastman, as well as their child. Besides, Relis also had an grownup child from a earlier connection. People that recognized the victim defined him as a kindhearted as well as beneficiant specific individual that treasured offering to others in desire. He was furthermore an outstanding dad, as well as Aurora spoke in relation to the sensational memories she had of him.

On high of it, Relis was popular for being friendly with others, as well as his enchanting identity aided him make chums quickly. The 44-year-old was treasured by his home as well as respected in your area, that made his abrupt death every one of the added sensational. On June 25, 2016, Kathleen established to take her young people out acquiring whereas Relis continued to be at home. Once the home returned within the evening, their child strolled right into the kitchen area to seek his dad fell down on the ground in a swimming pool of his individual blood. Shocked as well as afraid, Katheleen quickly took her young people exterior earlier than calling 911 for aid.

When initial -responders got to the criminal activity scene, they seen blood on the kitchen area counter as well as collected that Relis might require dropped as well as strike his head. However, they swiftly recognized it was a murder examination as quickly as they uncovered a bullet near the body. At initial appearance, there have actually been clear indicators of a gunshot injury, as well as an post-mortem later on made a decision that he was fired as quickly as within the once more, which brought about his death. However, absolutely nothing showed up swiped, as well as there was no signal of forced entrance, making the cops picture that Relis recognized his assassin.

Who Killed Relis Eastman?

The initial examination right into Relis’ murder was relatively hard due to the fact that the cops really did not have a variety of leads or witnesses to deal with. They canvassed the world round the house, executed an extreme search of the criminal activity scene, as well as also talked with a variety of colleagues, nevertheless fruitless. Relis really did not show up to have any type of fast adversaries, as well as the majority of individuals discussed his positive nature as well as the means he shared a friendly connection with others.

However, as quickly as the cops began attempting right into Relis’s life, they recognized that he had a million-dollar life insurance policy protection insurance coverage which could have handed onto his partner as well as young people if he passed away. Furthermore, furthermore they located that Relis as well as Kathleen have actually will go through a separation which the last presumed the victim of obtaining an event. This offered Kathleen enough intention to dedicate a murder, nevertheless considering that she was together with her kids on the moment of the murder, the cops ultimately controlled her out.

On the contrary hand, Relis’ grownup child, Scott Eastman, discussed that he went to a store throughout the moment of the murder. Moreover, the last asserted he had actually parked his auto on a surrounding roadway earlier than going back to his friend’s house, the area he remained till his dad’s body was located. However, the cops uncovered Scott’s assertion relatively questionable as he saved consisting of to the timeline. At once, he discussed walking previous a maker that traded cash for utilized cell telephones, as well as authorities examined why such a component belonged.

The cops quickly examined the store’s CCTV video as well as situated Scott advertising his cellphone on the maker earlier than walking away. Once they recognized that he had actually existed, they managed him as a person of inquisitiveness as well as have actually been made a decision to investigate the rest of his alibi. For beginners, the cops recuperated the cellphone from the maker as well as situated that he had actually in advance searched for the accurate weapon as well as bullet utilized to eliminateRelis Authorities also uncovered CCTV video of the roadway the area Scott asserted to have actually parked his auto as well as located that he strolled in the direction of his individual house as an alternative of mosting likely to his friend’s.

On high of it, the friend discussed that Scott was gone with over 40 mins, which offered him enough time to walk to his house, fire his dad, as well as eliminate the weapon. Hence, with enough evidence on their arms, the cops browsed the suspect’s auto as well as situated a bullet housing, which matched the one utilized within the murder. This connected Scott on his dad’s slaying, as well as he was detained for a comparable.

Where Is Scott Eastman Now?

When presented in court room, Scott begged exempt as well as demanded his virtue. However, the evidence made the court see in any type of various other situation, they typically convicted him of first-degree murder. Subsequently, he was punished to 50 years to life behind bars in 2019. Hence, at present, Scott remains behind bars on the High Desert State Prison in Susanville, California, as well as will possibly be qualified for parole in 2040.

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