Razor Baddies West: Net Worth (2023 ), Major Boutique Collections, Career, Business, Trailer and More


Razor is the honored owner of 2 beauty parlors, which pass the names RazorBehavior Studio 1 and a number of. She is the Chief Executive Officer of MajorCollectionsBoutique, the company that justified the elegant and stylish Bew shows up

The total residential property had by Razor Baddies West amount to 1 million {bucks}. Razor prepares to assist herself monetarily because of the fact that she runs 2 beauty parlors and emerges on television.

She makes a search today Baddies West on the Zenus Network, the area she co-stars with Natalie Nunn, Gia Mayhem, Biggie, Suzzanne Stunna Brown, Sky High Baby, Tommie Lee, Catya Washington, Loren Jordan, and many various styles.

The very first episode of today broadcast on The Zeus Network on January 22, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. You can see those beautiful women in fairly a great deal of cities, along with Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Oakland, and Portland, among others.

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Razor Baddies West: Net Worth (2023 )

The participant of Baddies West described as Razor has a net cost of 1 million {bucks}. Razor is a successful businesswoman that possesses 2 beauty parlors along with a garments version.

She has a wage that’s comparable to that of Natalie Tynika Nun, that’s the primary manufacturer of Baddies and theBad Boys According to SuperstarNet cost, Natalie Cosmetics’ Chief Executive Officer has a net cost of 1 million {bucks}.

Chrisean Rock, the CEO of The Blue Rock Network, makes less than she does on an annual structure contrasted to her.

Razor has a variety of resources of incomes because of the fact that he possesses 2 beauty parlors and kinds clothing. An very early chicken fee is an additional expense, and the customer is called for to make a down payment of $55 in between the hrs of 6 and 8 within the early morning, Tuesday through Friday.

They included an additional $65 to the billing for after-hours solution, which ranged from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

They are should make very first call with the classy at first for each and every durations. If a customer obtained below in with an oily products nevertheless of their hair, the hair salon billed them an even more $25 nonetheless really did not welcome the cost of a hair shampoo. In enhancement to this, they expect an additional expense of $35 for each and every Swan acquired after the initial 3 packages.

Razor Baddies West: Who Is She?

Razor was discovered in a bar whereas using lush garments, that included a handbag and a set of Red extensive boots. Even added, she decorated herself with bling, along with a hoop and 2 lockets.

She acquired a premium band west train from her lady’s company, Bratz Shapers, in October 2022 for approximately $121.50. She uses this train in all areas she goes, along with on vacations and in day spas.

The lucrative businesswoman spends her money in preserving her appearance. Her pigtails from the African intertwining heart have actually been knot-free and splendid.

Knotless pigtails start at $250 based upon Blessing Hair Braiding, nonetheless the total worth is determined by the dimension of the customer’s hair. She had extensive hair and worth substantially higher than the day-to-day certain individual would certainly.

She appears with day after day cosmetics, which in Washington, District of Columbia, costs a typical of $30 per hr to do. As a straight effect of this, she pay out higher than 10 thousand {bucks} on a cosmetics musician.

In spite of the fact that she seeks advice from Lady Picasso, an appeal musician and nail service technician based primarily in Washington, DC, for her cosmetics, she in some cases prefers doing business from the alleviation of her very own home.

The reality celebrity showcased her lush lifestyle on her Instagram account, the area she was typically seen presenting in fairly a great deal of premium clothing and accent tags. She has actually also recognized that her advocates are enabled to treat her like a Top Tier.

Razor Baddies West: Career

Razor prepares to assist herself monetarily because of the fact that she appears on Baddies West and furthermore offers the clothing of premium firms.


She has actually been the owner of 2 beauty parlors, each of which have actually been areas of the RazorBehavior Studio franchise business. In 2021, they commemorated the launch of their 2nd hair salon, which lay within the D.C. city.

Razor Behavior Studio

The stylists on the hair salon are experts in using specific cuts and waves. They executed the task after the arranged consultation and required more expense for the different business they offered.

While Razor is showing off her Frontal Wig Install in her hair salon, RazorBehavior Studio, she is lugging an unpleasant bun hairdo. In the hair salon, every hr will certainly establish you once more $340.

Her hair salon offered fairly a great deal of hair treatment treatments, along with coloring, cutting, better hair, pure hair, short hair, and weaves.

There are 3 series of tinting: whole hair, which costs $275.00 per hr, partial coloring, which costs $185.00, and highlights, which take 50 mins and worth $225.00.

When it obtained below to slicing, they billed $90 for a trim that took half-hour, $270 for a transformation minimize that consisted of a relaxer, $100 for a short and lively pixie minimize, $225 for a transformation minimize that really did not welcome a relaxer, and $280 per hr for an entire razor change with pigmentation included.

There is an additional expense of $60 for hair maintenance, and an additional expense of $110 for a reboot solution and elegance of the customer’s choice.

In enhancement, pure hair business welcome a Bubble Ponytail, which costs $170, a Sleek Ponytail, which costs $160, and a Silk Press, which costs $115.

The worth of a solution for short hair can differ just about anywhere from $60 to $70, relying upon the hairstyle. The frontal stitched costs $340 per hr, the overall shoelace wig established costs $325, and the candid bob costs $300. These expenses mirror the too much worth of the weave business.

Razor Baddies West: Major Boutique Collections

She is the owner of the clothing line MajorCollectionsBoutique, which offers fairly a great deal of clothing from different developers at expenses beginning with as low as $25 to as a great deal as $52 per product.

Razor struggled as a mannequin for her garments line, which enabled her to establish her appearance with the enhancement ofSky At MajorCollectionsBoutique, the dress chose $15 earlier than it was acquired and used out.

Mocha, Blue desire, Tight Figure, Top Notch, Miami Takeover, and Jayda can all be purchased for $20, whereas Ricky Dress might be purchased for $42 and ‘Wait Ahminute’ might be purchased for $52.

The worth of a high can differ just about anywhere from $19.99 to $55, with the Tropical Breeze Oversized Top being the costliest at $42.99 and UnderStatment being the least pricey at $46.85.

The worth differ for Bottom is from $15 to $70, with the appealing option setting you back exclusively $15 and the Mulatto Patched Pants opting for $70.

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Razor Baddies West: Television

Razor is included within the actuality existing Baddies West and prepares to obtain more revenue due to her involvement within today.

It was recognized by some Redditors that Natalie and Tanisha every acquired $10,000 for his/her view the main episode.

As a straight effect of this, the CEO of Paynes Fitness makes in between $10,000 and $15,000. Sarah and Christina every got $5,000 for his/her job due to the fact that today’s manufacturers, whereas the contrary women every acquired $2,000.

During an episode of the reality existing Baddies West, Razor made an appearance. She described herself as distinct and within the high rate.

According to Business Insider, the reality celebrities made something from $1,500 to $3,000 per episode. Because of this, today’s typical womanly was paid $3,000 for each episode that she showed up in.

Baddies West: Plot

The long-awaited launching of the television existing Baddies West has actually gotten here, and the countdown to its beginning is currently officially finished.

The best of this system has actually been excitedly prepared for by fans of today, that’ve been hypothesizing on whether or otherwise maybe as stylishly due to the fact that today’s earlier model. One question that additionally has to be addressed is connecting to the capacity of a 2nd period.

At this degree, there has actually not been any kind of sort of last self-control gotten to on the fate ofBaddies West Whether or whether this system will likely be restored momentarily period will certainly greater than most likely rely on just how successfully today period does.

The undeniable reality that the distinct Baddies existing was so successfully acquired represents, conversely, that the manufacturers of Baddies West remain in all likelihood relying upon a successful participation for the best of Baddies West.

It is most likely going that the makers of Baddies West at first had great expect today offered the acknowledgment of the distinct version of today.

Because today is created by the similar workshop that justified creating the main model of the Baddies existing, it’s feasible that the making team is accustomed to the type of labor that was taken into the main collection.

They probably have an outstanding understanding of the actions that should be required to recognize a successful 2nd period.

Razor Baddies West: Timing

There isn’t any kind of deficiency of reality television bundles which could be each pleasing to check out and packed with exhilarating web content product.

If you have a rate of interest in enjoying actuality collection, we have currently some great suggestions for you. You should provide this just premiered reality program, Baddies West, a shot and see if it’s something you’re thinking about enjoying.

If you have a rate of interest in trying out any kind of brand-new collection, after that you require to see this Baddies West actuality existing as an outcome of it choices an outstanding suggestion, lots of great tale spins, and also the strong and staff participants of the Baddies West existing are just fantastic.

Baddies West: Where To Watch?

You’ve gotten here to the suitable area if you take place to’ve been holding your self inhabited by interested by when the complying with episode of Baddies West will certainly broadcast.

Baddies West is an thrilling and action-packed spy existing that adheres to the experiences of the Baddies, an exclusive team of covert brokers functioning to remove offenders and bad guys throughout the globe.

Baddies West adheres to the Baddies as they trip the globe in mission of offenders and bad guys to provide to justice.

Discovering the area you might see Baddies West is of miraculous relevance correct currently, due to the fact that the launch of today will certainly take place extremely rapidly.

The collection will likely come using fairly a great deal of streaming sites, similar to Netflix and Hulu, together with cable television and satellite television for computer television vendors. You can additionally buy today through electronic circulation systems similar to Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

Baddies West: Trailer

You can see the trailer on You Tube, that’s for favorable. If you have a rate of interest in watching this trailer, the marketing video clip might be seen down underneath.

Baddies West: Review

  • The expectancy among customers goes to a high temperature pitch as the main episode of Baddies West will certainly obtain nearer and nearer to its launching.
  • Fans are excitedly preparing for today’s launch day, time, and complete looters; no matter this, today has actually currently created a buzz on social media sites and the internet.
  • The stars, that’ve been visiting so regarding satisfy their marketing responsibilities, have actually furthermore added to the building of their actual own exclusive buzz.
  • The existing appears to be a success, and fans can exclusively really hope that there will likely be a 2nd period, though the position has actually not however been examined by customers and competent customers.
  • For those that are thinking about obtaining a preview on the brand-new existing Baddies West, the pilot episode will likely be made available for streaming on the main website of the neighborhood.
  • So, allow’s start the countdown to the launch of Baddies West Episode 1 and count down the moments and evenings till after that!

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