Postal strikes in November 2022: When and why they’re occurring


The Communication Workers Union have actually suggested postal strikes for November 2022. The strike days will certainly cowl peak days on this period, nonetheless we’ve all things it is suggested to understand.

Members of the CWU are attributable to strike on a variety of days in October and November, with some strikes currently having started. The winter months strikes are the 2nd to happen this 12 months, complying with strikes throughout the summertime period attributable to a continuous disagreement with Royal Mail.

Though the walkouts position disturbance in top postal periods, uploading letters and product packaging in tons of time will certainly assure well timed supply.

Already, 155,000 postal staff members abandoned October 13 within the initial of the strikes, with major strikes occurring today (October 20) and succeeding week (October 25).

Although the November strikes get on a smaller sized range, they’ll nevertheless have a knock-on effect entering into the cheery period.

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When are the postal strikes November 2022?

According to inews, there are 3 kind of strikes occurring succeeding month. These strikes are smaller sized than those in October and represent smaller sized groups stood for by the union. Although smaller sized, Royal Mail whatsoever times recommends uploading parcels quicker than standard to suit strike days.

Processing, circulation, around the world, collections and admin staff members will certainly strike on the following days: November: 3, 9, 15 and 24.

Strikes for these staff members will certainly also occur on December 1.

Delivery staff members will most likely be putting on November 4, 10, 16, 25 and December 2.

Network staff members will certainly after that preserve strikes on November 2, 8, 14, 23 and 30.

The strikes are an outcomes of a lengthy disagreement over circumstances and pay in between the union and Royal Mail

On the postal strikes, the CWU standard assistant mentioned that staff members desire our assistance higher than ever before:

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The CWU share assistance for strikes

Though the 19 placement days make sure to set off disturbance for a lot of individuals, the Communication Workers Union are stating they’re obtaining added assistance than ever before.

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Earlier this 12 months, the public set up ‘enough is enough’ signs on their house windows to reveal their assistance for his/her indigenous release staff members. The advertising and marketing project started as a quote in the direction of the cost of residence catastrophe nonetheless was quickly surpassed by sustaining posties throughout strikes in the summer.

‘Enough is enough’ has actually validated its partnership with the CWU by constantly uploading public assistance throughout its social media sites.

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The CWU’s reasons for putting

In a press assertion, the last assistant of the CWU mentioned that putting is necessary to share the temper of postal staff members over their solution.

“This is a considerable news, yet it is one which matches the degree of temper our participants really feel at the means Royal Mail Group has actually treated them. The CEO of Royal Mail Group, Simon Thompson, is dealing with postal employees as if they are foolish. These coincide individuals that have actually maintained the nation linked and returned Royal Mail Group to videotape revenue.

“Postal employees throughout the UK currently encounter the battle of their lives to conserve their work and the solution they supply to every home and company in the UK. We get in touch with everybody to stand with their regional postal employee. If Royal Mail Group are permitted to escape this after that it sends out a thumbs-up to every rogue industry in the UK.

“We will not stand by and see the Royal Mail Group become the next P&O but we need your backing to win.”

HITC and GRV Media have actually called Royal Mail worrying the CWU’s insurance claims.

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