Penelope Garcia’s Most Memorable Nicknames In Criminal Minds


After 15 periods, “Criminal Minds” finished its own long haul in 2020, as well as regrettably, its own fiercely foreseed Paramount+ resurgence might certainly not be actually taking place any longer. For years, enthusiasts impatiently listened full week after full week to adhere to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit as they took a trip around the U.S. in quest of some quite unsafe wrongdoers.

Though enigma as well as delights are actually the concentration of “Criminal Minds,” its own personalities deliver real soul of the program. Every participant of the BAU surely possessed their very own specific individuality, as well as checking out the personality’s partnerships is actually mostly what maintained enthusiasts going back for additional. Audiences specifically enjoyed Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), the unusual pc genius that utilized her technology as well as hacking abilities to assist the area solutions handle a few of their most challenging situations. Though Garcia certainly never possessed fairly the belly for criminal offense as well as physical violence the method her associates performed, she matched right belong the remainder of the staff as well as was actually regularly a valued participant– thus valued, actually, that she was actually the recipient of some quite memorable nicknames.

Garcia is actually a female of numerous titles

The frisky partnership in between Penelope Garcia as well as Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) is among one of the most memorable component of “Criminal Minds.” Morgan regularly contacted Garcia “Baby Girl” as a relation to endearment. However, that had not been his only wonderful pet dog title for her. He likewise would certainly name her “Sweetness,” “Hot Stuff,” as well as “Dollface,” amongst numerous others, as observed within this compilation video produced through TELEVISION Guide.

It had not been only Morgan that possessed nicknames for Garcia, nevertheless. She was actually typically contacted variants of her title, including “Pen,” “Penny,” or even “PG.” The on the internet cyberpunk area understood her greatest as the pen names “The Black Queen,” because of her preference for goth-style clothes. Not every one of Garcia’s nicknames were actually caring however– a system of gunman called her “The Dirty Dozen” when they were actually uncertain of her actual identification.

Garcia’s one-of-a-kind feeling of type, unabashed individualism, as well as first-rate specialized abilities created her loved due to the BAU staff as well as “Criminal Minds” enthusiasts equally, as well as her myriad of nicknames confirms it.