Nichol Olsen Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?


The team of Anaqua Springs Ranch in Texas observed a distressing occurrence when 37-year-old Nichol Olsen was uncovered ineffective along with her children, London Bribiescas and alsoAlexa Montez While Nichol’s guy, Charlie Wheeler, uncovered their our bodies, the cops at first thought it to be a murder-suicide. Crime Junkie’s ‘Mysterious Death Of: The Family in Anaqua Springs’ narrates the catastrophe and also adheres to the examination that tried its biggest to decipher the issue. Let’s look into the bottom lines bordering the occurrence and also find out additional, we could?

How Did Nichol Olsen Die?

A citizen of Anaqua Springs Ranch, Texas, Nichol Olsen was merely 37 on the moment of her murder. While she had 2 children, 10-year-old London and also 16-year-old Alexa, from 2 completely various connections, Nichol liked the intimate bond she showed to them and also was furthermore on great expressions with their papas. Described as a hardworking and also beneficiant specific individual, Nichol was recognized for her helpfulness and also friendly nature, which assisted her make pals quickly. It was this charm that led her to indigenous business owner Charlie Wheeler, and also the 2 began connection earlier than Nichol and also her children relocated right into his house within the gated team ofAnaqua Springs Ranch Nevertheless, Nichol nevertheless gained a home as a San Antonio- based beautician and also appeared in advance to a charming life along with her guy and also 2 children.

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However, fate had various strategies as a dreadful catastrophe swiftly struck Nichol and also her home. On January 9, 2019, Nichol and also Charlie obtained right into a run-in, which showed up relatively severe. Following the occurrence, Charlie figured out to invest the evening time at a nearby loved one’s residence, leaving Nichol, London, and also Alexa of their house atAnaqua Springs Ranch On January 10, the following early morning, 911 drivers acquired an agitated name from Charlie, who asserted he returned house exclusively to look for Nichol and also her girls ineffective. First -responders have actually been sent off immediately to the positioning, and also though authorities attempted their biggest to resuscitate the targets, all 3 of them have actually been stated ineffective.

Moreover, whereas an post-mortem made a decision that Nichol, London, and also Alexa have actually been fired to passing away at closed differ, there have actually been no indications of forced access, which may explain an outside existence. On high of it, absolutely nothing offered the impact to be doing not have, and also the residence remained in outstanding scenario, which efficiently controlled out a burglary gone incorrect. Still, with evidence meaning a possible murder, the cops began their questions right into the murders.

Who Killed Nichol Olsen?

The initial examination right into Nichol Olsen’s passing away was relatively hard since the cops really did not have any type of leads or witnesses to collaborate with. Although authorities canvassed the world throughout the Anaqua Springs Ranch house and also also executed an extreme search of the criminal offense scene, absolutely nothing showed up to map at a possible suspect. On high of it, regulations enforcement police officers did take a seat with a variety of of Nichol’s associates, nonetheless considering that everyone recognized her as a helpful and also enjoyable person, they would certainly no assumed why the 37-year-old can be concentrated this fashion. Besides, with London and also Alexa furthermore dropping their lives within the occurrence, people thought that the home was assaulted as a total.

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Surprisingly, the instance switched on its head as quickly as the coroner’s work environment sent its record, which made a decision that Nichol, Alexa, and also London have actually been fired to passing away. The similar record furthermore examined the occurrence thoroughly and also insisted that whereas Alexa and also London have actually been contended closed differ, Nichol’s injury showed up self-inflicted, and also there sufficed evidence to aid the proclaim. Hence, the coroner identified the criminal offense as a murder-suicide, and also the cops thought that Nichol had actually fired her children earlier than transforming the weapon on herself.

Naturally, such a proof was emphatically shot down by Nichol’s home, who asserted that she would certainly never injured London and alsoAlexa Nichol’s life rotated rounded her girls, and also people who recognized her thought that the 37-year-old would certainly also place herself in pain’s methods if it conserved her children safeguard. Based on such declarations, the cops proactively checked out the occurrence nonetheless could not rescind the coroner’s record until the top of 2020. However, in January 2021, the Bexar County Sheriff’s department lastly overthrew the record and also asserted that the initial examination was insufficient ahead back to a right final thought. They also encouraged the occurrence to a freezing instance detective, and also Sheriff Javier Salazar claimed there had not been enough evidence to name Nichol an awesome.

Unfortunately, there have actually been no extra updates ever since, and also though the examination stays to be energised, the murders of Nichol, London, and also Alexa, remain unresolved. On the contrary hand, Alexa and also London’s papas have actually submitted wrongful passing away legal actions in the direction of Nichol’s guy, Charlie Wheeler, asserting that he was irresponsible of their fatalities. The legal action declares that Charlie had actually seen Nichol act unevenly throughout their disagreement nevertheless nevertheless chosen to leave her alone whereas a weapon was existing in the residence. However, from the appears of it, the courts are however to fix on the legal actions whereas the houses expect the closure they appropriately are worthy of.

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