New PetitPotam attack allows take over of Windows domains


A new NTLM relay attack called PetitPotam has actually been uncovered that allows risk stars to take over a domain name controller, as well as hence a whole Windows domain name.

Many companies make use of Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services, which is a public crucial framework (PKI) web server that can be made use of to verify individuals, solutions, as well as equipments on a Windows domain name.

In the past, researchers discovered a method to compel a domain name controller to verify versus a harmful NTLM relay that would certainly after that onward the demand to a domain name’s Active Directory Certificate Services using HTTP.

Ultimately, the opponent would certainly be approved a Kerberos ticket approving ticket (TGT) that would certainly enable them to think the identification of any kind of gadget on the network, consisting of a domain name controller.

To compel the equipment to do the verification to a remote web server, an opponent can make use of the RpcRemote FindFirstPrint erChangeNotification feature of MS-RPRN printing API.

“Microsoft’s Print Spooler is a service handling the print jobs and other various taks related to printing. An attacker controlling a domain user/computer can, with a specific RPC call, trigger the spooler service of a target running it and make it authenticate to a target of the attacker’s choosing,” a blog post onHacker dishes clarifies.

“This flaw is a ” will not take care of” and enabled by default on all Windows environments.”

If this attack achieves success, the opponent can take over the domain name controller as well as do any kind of command they desire, efficiently taking over the Windows domain name.

Since this attack was divulged, lots of companies have handicapped MS-RPRN to obstruct the attack vector.

Introducing PetitPotam

This week, French safety and security scientist GILLES Lionel, also known as Topotam, divulged a new method called ‘PetitPotam’ that carries out an NTLM relay attack that does not rely upon the MS-RPRN API however rather makes use of the EfsRpcOpenFile Raw feature of the MS-EFSRPC API.

MS-EFSRPC is Microsoft’s Encrypting File System Remote Protocol that is made use of to do “maintenance and management operations on encrypted data that is stored remotely and accessed over a network.”

Lionel has actually launched a evidence-of- idea manuscript for the PetitPotam method on GitHub that can be made use of to compel a domain name controller to verify versus a remote NTLM under an opponent’s control utilizing the MS-EFSRPC API.

In a discussion with BleepingComputer concerning the new relay attack approach, Lionel specified that he does not see this as a susceptability however instead the misuse of a reputable feature.

“In my eyes, this is not a vulnerability but an abuse of a legitimate function. Function that shouldn’t use the machine account to authenticate like in the printerbug for example,” Lionel shown to BleepingComputer.

In enhancement to the attack passing on SMB verification to an HTTP certification registration web server enabling complete take over of the domain name controller, Lionel stated maybe made use of for various other assaults.

These added assaults consist of “NTLMv1 downgrade as well as passing on equipment account on computer systems where this equipment account is regional admin (SCCM, exchange web server, frequent this circumstance for instance).

The scientist claims the only means to reduce this method is to disable NTLM verification or make it possible for securities, such as SMB finalizing, LDAP finalizing, as well as network binding.

Unfortunately, no chance has actually been located to disable the EfsRpcOpenFile Raw from being made use of to communicate verification demands.

Lionel informed us that quiting the EFS solution does not stop the method from being manipulated.

BleepingComputer has actually gotten in touch with Microsoft concerning this new attack however has actually not listened to back right now.

PetitPotam is ‘ruthless’

Since the launch of PetitPotam, safety and security scientists have actually fasted to evaluate the PoC as well as its efficiency.

“Finally finished testing it, it’s quite brutal! Network access to full AD takeover… I really underestimated the impact of NTLM relay on PKI ESC8 The combo with PetitPotam is awesome!,” tweeted safety and security scientist Rémi Escourrou.

“Actually, no way to block PetitPotam (to my current knowledge) but you can harden the HTTP service of the PKI to avoid the NTLM relay,” Escourrou informed BleepingComputer in a discussion last evening.

Security scientist as well as Mimikatz maker Benjamin Delpy likewise examined the new method, where he produced a video clip, revealed listed below, showing exactly how risk stars can abuse it.

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