New ASUS BIOS updates enable TPM 2.0 support for Windows 11


ASUS has actually launched BIOS updates for over pair of hundred circuit board designs to instantly enable the integrated TPM 2.0 surveillance procedure to ensure consumers may improve to Windows 11.

To detail what this implies, it is very important to provide a little a history on TPMs and also why they are actually called for through Windows 11.

The Windows 11 + TPM 2.0 debate

When Microsoft 1st introduced Windows 11, some of the largest shocks was actually the new demand that computer systems will need to have a TPM 2.0 surveillance cpu to put up or even improve to the new system software.

For those not familiar with depended on system elements (TPM), they are actually a committed surveillance cpu utilized to do hardware-based cryptographic features to protect shield of encryption tricks and also stop changing equipment vehicle drivers and also the shoes procedure.

While some circuit boards have actually devoted ports that consumers may put up a TPM component, due to the fact that 2013, Intel and also AMD constructed firmware TPM modern technology right into a number of their CPUs that do the exact same functions as a TPM 2.0 cpu.

For Intel cpus, the integrated TPM 2.0 is actually referred to as Intel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT), and also for AMD, it is actually referred to as AMD Platform Security Processor.

TPM 2.0 cpus are actually right now a need for Windows 11 as they are actually utilized to electrical power a number of the surveillance functions in the system software.

“The following Windows features require TPM 2.0: Measured Boot, Device Encryption, WD System Guard, Device Health Attestation, Windows Hello/Hello for Business, TPM Platform Crypto Provider Key Storage, SecureBIO, DRTM, vTPM in Hyper-V,” Microsoft informed BleepingComputer.

After discovering this demand, a lot of consumers burnt, as their equipment that operates Windows 10 beautifully will no more deal with Windows 11.

While a strategy to bypass the Windows 11 TPM demand has actually been actually uncovered, it is going to certainly not be actually an effortless duty for a lot of.

ASUS BIOS updates instantly allowed TPM 2.0

For proprietors of appropriate CPUs and also ASUS circuit boards, consumers may go into an unit’s BIOS and also enable the TPM 2.0 through allowing Intel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PTT) or even AMD Platform Security Processor environments.

Intel PTT BIOS setting
Intel PTT BIOS setup

However, for many individuals, getting in the BIOS and also creating adjustments could be a challenging procedure.

To produce it simpler for ASUS proprietors, recently, ASUS introduced that they had actually launched new BIOS updates for 207 motherboard models that instantly enable the integrated TPM 2.0 cpu on sustained CPUs.

To inspection if your circuit board is actually sustained, you may consult this list of Windows 11 supported ASUS motherboards If your circuit board is actually provided, select the download switch to download and install a ZIP data.

To put up the new BIOS, merely remove the zip data, implement the BIOSRenamer.exe course, and also adhere to the directions.

While conducting the BIOS improve, carry out certainly not closed down or even reboot your pc up until motivated, as it might trigger a problem along with the function of your pc.

ASUS mentions that they proceed assessing various other circuit boards for being compatible and also are going to improve the checklist as they end up screening.

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