Netizens Suggest IVD Needs Psychological Help


Nigerians have actually believed that embattled super star auto distributor, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, greater commonly called IVD needs to be in a psychological house (Yaba) and also never ever a police headquarters at this 2nd.

This follows it was declared that IVD and also his late partner, Bimbo, housed a registered nurse and also saddled her with the only genuine responsibility of infusing them with strenuous and also handled medication.

According to blog owner, Cuttie _Julls, IVD and also late Bimbo had actually been so gotten in touch with strenuous medication that they required to residence the registered nurse.

Cutie Julls created;

“Please there is a quack nurse that lived with IVD and his wife. Please kindly get the police to arrest her. I reported her before and Bimbo nearly fell out with me. Unfortunately the Lagos police didn’t arrest when I first reported her cuz as usual they were asking me to produce some silly evidence instead of them to go to the house and arrest her. She used to inject them with all sorts and when they wake up, it’s madness.”

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” I was of the sight she had actually quit mosting likely to their residence after I thre #tended her with the authorities. But days back when I consulted with Tasha, she disclosed she likewise finds out about the registered nurse. She likewise claimed the dependency has actually ended up being so high that the registered nurse had actually relocated and also is coping with the now-late Bimbo and also her spouse.

My dear Nigerians, I do not recognize this registered nurse’s name or anything yet I recognize there is a quack registered nurse providing high dosage of regulated medications and also various other materials right into the blood stream of this pair with no prescription which I reported to the authorities.”

“She also supplies them with syringes to do all sorts. Why the police didn’t lock her up in Ikoyi or Yaba, I don’t know. 🤦‍♀️ Please I trust the internet to help us arrest this mystery woman. From what Tasha said, after I called police on the said nurse, they actually moved the nurse into their home to be hiding there and giving them more. Bimbo! IVD! 😭😭😭💔💔😭. Hmmmm they tricked me . Nigerians please let’s help unravel this nurse. She obviously took advantage of their vulnerability, extort them and kept feeding their demons [drugs].”

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Netizens advise IVD desires psychological help

Reacting to this shocking discovery, Nigerian social networks consumers have advise that IVD be despatched to a psychological medical facility (Yaba) and also never ever police headquarters.

Blucc_apparels created, “IVD should be in yaba not police station.. the madness didn’t start Today”

One Abiodun responded, “I have no choice than to agree with you…..see people that lived among others oh. God help this country, in their high state what if they harm someone? Nawa oh”

One Chiforshort _ created, “hey moved in a nurse that injects them with all sorts of controlled substances in a house where they lived with their kids????? I don’t know what y’all talking about but what we should be doing now is calling on Lagos state child services to go take those innocent kids away from them😢 those two were just very badly behaved and irresponsible parents, they don’t deserve those kids. At this point those kids are my only concern. Only God know what those kids most have been seeing haaaaa”

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One Msdimmy _ created, “At this point, the government or their families should just take their kids away for now…release IVD bcs he clearly didn’t kill his wife, what he needs is a psychiatric evaluation and rehabilitation. God willing, he can come out clean and take care of his kids ie if he has learnt from this whole life-changing ordeal!!”

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