Mozilla tests if ‘Firefox/ 100.0’ user agent breaks websites


Mozilla has actually introduced a practice where they alter the Firefox internet browser user agent to a three-digit “Firefox/100.0” variation to observe if it will definitely damage websites.

A user agent is actually a strand made use of through an internet internet browser that features info concerning the program, featuring its own label, variation, as well as innovations that it makes use of.

When a brand-new variation of an internet browser is actually launched, the programmers likewise increase the variation variety in the user agent strand.

For instance, the present user agent for Mozilla Firefox variation 90 is actually listed here.

Mozilla/ 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; mobile home:90.0) Gecko/ 20100101 Firefox/ 90.0

Note, if you possess the Firefox ‘personal privacy. resistFingerprinting’ specifying readied to ‘True,’ your user agent are going to be actually latched to ‘Firefox/ 78.0.’

For Google Chrome 92, the present user agent is actually:

Mozilla/ 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWe bKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ 92.0.4515.131 Safari/ 537.36

When seeing a site, the user agent strands are actually sent out to a site to ensure the internet site understands the program abilities of the guest. This info permits the site to customize its own action to represent various attributes of web browsers.

Testing whether Firefox 100 user agent breaks websites

As Firefox variation varieties are actually presently pair of numbers, Mozilla programmers are actually checking out if everything breaks when they launch Firefox Nightly variation 100 in March 2022.

“We would like to run an experiment to test whether a UA string with a three-digit Firefox version number will break many sites,” Mozilla Staff Engineering Program Manager Chris Peterson mentioned in a bug post 1st located through Techdows.

“This new temporary general.useragent.experiment.firefoxVersion pref can override the UA string’s Firefox version.”

When performing the exam, an enlisted Firefox user are going to possess their user agent transformed to the adhering to strand along with the chances that if everything breaks, they are going to disclose it to Mozilla.

Mozilla/ 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; mobile home:100.0) Gecko/ 20100101 Firefox/ 100.0

Peterson stated he has actually been actually checking making use of the internet browser along with a “Firefox/100.0” user agent strand for concerning 4 months as well as possesses just encountered an issue when using Slack.

“I discovered Slack’s message popup menu’s buttons (such as “Add response” or “Reply in string”) stop working for Firefox versions >= 100 and = 520,” detailed Peterson.

In this instance, the problem looks a bug along with Slack matching up the variation varieties are actually strands instead of varieties (integers). While Slack promptly repaired this problem, it explains just how basic coding mistakes may make unanticipated outcomes when the user agent improvements to variation 100.

If proceeded tests present that lots of websites are actually damaged due to the brand-new user agent, Firefox is actually might ice up the user agent to a two-digit variety like “Firefox/99.0.”

For those that desire to evaluate the future user agent adjustment by themselves websites or even websites they often explore, you may by hand alter your user agent strand making use of these actions:

  1. Open Firefox, get into concerning: config in the handle pub, as well as media get into
  2. Search for general.useragent.override
  3. When it looks, pick ‘String’ and after that select the and also (+) indicator, as received the picture listed below.
    Adding the general.useragent.override setting
    Adding the general.useragent.override setup
  4. After clicking the + image, a range must open up where you must get into the text message: Mozilla/ 5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; mobile home:100.0) Gecko/ 20100101 Firefox/ 100.0 as presented listed below.
    Configured Firefox 100 user agent
  5. Then select the checkmark switch to spare the setup.
  6. You may shut the around: config button.

While this setup resides in spot, the internet browser will definitely deliver the brand-new user agent strand towebsites If you face any sort of problems along with the websites you explore, you must create a new bug report for Mozilla

To alter your user agent back to its own authentic strand, merely get back right into concerning: config as well as seek general.useragent.override setup once again.

When it seems, select the garbage can image to erase the set up setup.

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