Missy Elliott’s Grammys 2023 weight reduction hailed as ‘aging backwards’


Missy Elliott shocked fans on the Grammy’s 2023 in addition to her seen weight reduction, after changing to a healthy diet plan following her Graves ailment.

Missy Elliott joined in addition to her fellow 90s and also 2000s hip jump celebrities to be glad 50 years of the design on theGrammys 2023 Introduced by LL Cool J, Missy Elliott– real title Melissa Arnette — took the phase in her trademark droopy set. This time, she showed off a white coordinate with graffiti layouts and also a similar balaclava.

The phase was furthermore beautified by virtually 30 musicians, along with Queen Latifah, Busta Rhymes, and alsoLil Wayne

Missy Elliott took the here and now, however, in addition to her recognizableweight reduction It stunned fans that do not adhere to the celebrity on Instagram, nonetheless the musician has actually been upgrading fans via the years regarding her makeover.

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Fans hail storm Missy Elliott’s Grammys 2023 weight reduction as ‘amazing’

Although Missy was showing off loose-fitted clothing, audiences might however identify her makeover.

One praised: “I’ve seen some negative comments about Missy Elliot’s weight loss, but sis looks amazing! She looks so good idc lol.”

“Missy Elliot is aging tf backwaaaards! Omg!” a 2nd shocked followertweeted

Another follower was so satisfied, they’re completely satisfied she had weight reduction procedure. Missy has never confessed to going listed below the blade.

“Huge fan of Missy Elliott,” theycommented “But ya’ll CANNOT convince me she didn’t have weight loss surgery. Not hatin’-she looks great-but-she for sure had WLS.”

The rap artist, 51, uploaded these glamorous shots on her social networks days earlier than the Grammys:

She renovated her eating routine after Graves ailment diagnosis

The Get Your Freak On rap artist switched over up her lifestyle in 2008 after being acknowledged with Graves ailment, an autoimmune scenario the location the body immune system incorrectly attacks the thyroid, causing it to end up being over active.

The scenario normally triggers indicators of hyperthyroidism, along with weight reduction, no matter a raised impulse for food; uneven heart beat; exhaustion; and also muscle mass weak point, research studies the NIDDK.

According to People, Missy proficient lightheaded spells, loss of hair, mood swings, and also protruding eyes among others.

She took care of to handle the scenario with out treatment through eating routine and also train in 2011 and also 7 years later on, she shared her eating routine tricks and also strategies: lowering out bread and also entirely ingesting water.

Check out her makeover from 2006 to 2018:

Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/ FilmMagic

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