Miss Universe 2023 winner R’Bonney Gabriel isn’t transgender proprietor Anne Jakrajutatip


Miss Universe 2023 has actually covered its brand-new winner, nonetheless some audiences have actually puzzled the new greatness queen with transgender proprietor Anne Jakrajutatip.

Filipino-American greatness queen R’Bonney Gabriel made the United States its nine Miss Universe success after lucrative Saturday evening time’s closing in New Orleans,Louisiana

R’Bonney, 28, made historic past since the earliest success tale as well as initial winner of Filipino ethnic background. She took the crown onward of Venezuela’s Amanda Dudamel as well as Andre ína Martinez, of Dominican Republic.

Not all eyes had actually gotten on R’Bonney, however, after the enthusiastic speech fromMiss Universe proprietor Anne Jakrajutatip Some audiences have actually also jumbled the 2 extravagant ladies, so HITC is right below to establish the record directly.

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Thai venture magnate as well as transgender supporter is brand-new Miss Universe 2023 proprietor

R’Bonney can have been the winner, nonetheless Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip has actually made a variety of the emphasize along with her empowering speech as the newMiss Universe proprietor

Also described as Anne JKN, the 43-year-old is a businesswoman as well as principal govt of JKN Global Group, a Thai- had media corporation. Anne JKN is transgender as well as is wanting to unravel advocacy for her area by her brand-new Miss Universe system, which was purchased by JKN Global Group in October for $20 million.

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“Welcome to the new era,” she passionatelydelivered “From now on it’s gonna be run by women, owned by a trans woman, for all women around the world.”

With each R’Bonney as well as Anne making waves on social media sites, fans have actually incorrectly jumbled the 2 women with each other.

“My heavens. PLEASE stop posting that the girl from Texas [R’Bonny Gabriel] who won the Miss Universe pageant is transgender,” oneclarified “SHE is not. SHE is a woman who won a woman’s pageant and all this rumor spreading is taking that from her.”

R’Bonney was classy as well as positioned in all areas of the contest yet it definitely was her question as well as reply that actually thrilled the courts.

The rivals released an all new guideline this 12 months, allowing mommies as well as wedded women to contend. When asked for concerning another adjustment she desire to see, the mannequin described when it comes to an increase within the Miss Universe prospect age limit, which is currently covered at 28.

“My favorite quote is ‘if not now, then when?’” she replied to a barking group. “Because as a woman, I believe age does not define us. It’s not tomorrow, it’s not yesterday – but it’s now. The time is now.”

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Anne JKN’s speech separates Twitter

The “time is up” for men to continue their administration of the Miss Universe contest, Anne taught, as well as it’s the appropriate 2nd for “women to take the lead.”

Although her motivating speech was consulted with remain audiences joys, it hasn’t been as favored by internet audiences.

Many movie critics are not accepting Jakrajutatip’s womanly recognition, whereas in addition asking for a different transgender Miss Universe rivals, despite the contest allowing transgender entrants given that 2013.

Miss Spain’s Angela Ponce was the key brazenly transgender prospect at Miss Universe 2018.

“Tradition must be preserved like in the past 71 years,” a viewer specified on the idea of Miss Universe inviting transgender greatness queens.

Others, however, are praising Miss Universe 2023’s brand-new standards as well as proprietor:

“This year’s Miss Universe is so special,” onedefended “Showcasing the new female, transgender owner Anne Jakrajutatip and her vision to stop objectifying women in this competition.”

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