Mike Richards’s Failed Price Is Right Audition Has The Internet Howling


It’s been actually almost a year due to the fact that the veteran range of “Jeopardy!,” Alex Trebek, died on November 8, 2020, after a 20-month cope pancreatic cancer cells. As “Jeopardy!” looked for to continue without its own calmness and also caring range, it devoted a lot of 2021 keeping up a continuous set of attendee holds consisting of past participants Ken Jennings and also Buzzy Cohen, together with business veterinarians like Mayim Bialik, Katie Couric, and also fan-favorite, Levar Burton.

However, after numerous pseudo-auditions, it was actually inevitably determined that there will be actually 2 brand-new lots: Mayim Bialik and also Jeopardy exec developer Mike Richards– at the very least initially.

Immediately adhering to the news of Richards as bunch, supporters snapped. It really did not take wish for repulsive declarations Richards brought in on his 2013-2014 podcast “The Randumb Show” to area. Eventually, Richards accepted quit as the brand-new bunch prior to he also started.

However, as Richards continues in his exec developer function on “Jeopardy!” brand-new video footage has appeared of his tries to bunch an additional video game program Richards exec made–“The Price is Right” It ends up that movie critics of Richards’ climb to “Jeopardy!” bunch are actually delighting in the store video footage, although most likely certainly not in the method Richards will anticipate.

Richards as an unnatural, tense range on The Price is Right

Mike Richards functioned as corporate developer on “The Price is Right” coming from 2008-2018 which summarizes much more than 1,600 incidents. As we understand, adhering to the veteran range of “The Price is Right,” Bob Barker, leaving the set, the brand-new, long-term organizing roles inevitably was up to comic and also situation comedy superstarDrew Carey However, there was actually an aspect when, similar to along with “Jeopardy!,” Richards additionally tried for the function of range.

Footage of Richards’ attendee range on “The Price is Right” appeared on YouTube on August twenty. In small– Richards is underwhelming. Have you ever before found a little one clomp all around in their daddy’s gown footwear and also act that they’re the typical male of the home? That’s sort of the power a much more youthful Richards has as he functions his method via organizing roles on “The Price is Right.”

Throughout his audition, Richards seems to be tense and also off-balance. He attempts to accept that timeless, Bob Barker pleasant attitude yet has a hard time to involve along with both the participants and also the group.

Part of why folks are actually most likely delighting in the off-kilter functionality coming from Richards is because of folks’s understanding of the discrimination lawsuits he experienced throughout his period on “The Price is Right,” consisting of one along with Brandi Sherwood-Cochran that implicated Richards of shooting her because of her maternity.

Twitter customer @Mike Sington published a clip of Richards’ audition on Twitter writing in part, “He’s no Bob Barker. Needless to say, he didn’t get the job.” Responses to that tweet ranged from “It’s fine to have goals, being a decent human being should be one of them,” to the much more brutal, “Dude’s a loser.”

Another past developer of The Price is Right registers

However, perhaps the toughest feedback to Richards’ seeped audition for organizing “The Price is Right” originates from the veteran developer of the program,Roger Dobkowitz Dobkowitz performed certainly not hold off when referring to his sensations relating to Richards deficient as bunch of”Jeopardy!”

“I am certainly not sorry to see what happened to Mike Richards,” Dobkowitz wrote in a Facebook post ” I worked with him on an audition tape we did for CBS … I had no trouble with him then and he seemed like a nice person. It was shortly after he began to work on Price that my opinion of him completely changed … I had lots of friends still working the show…staff, stagehands, and technicians…and they reported to me how badly he would treat people…he would yell and berate people…he would act like a little Napoleon, demanding them to do as he wished…it seemed no one like [sic] him.”

As though it were actually certainly not self-evident that being actually a method manager isn’t a wonderful suggestion, Dobkowitz fixated precisely why Richards’ actions creates him a poor developer.

“Good producers don’t need to berate people to get things done…good producers know that one needs to work WITH people…there is no need to act like a jerk,” createsDobkowitz “He was not, in my opinion, a nice person.”