Microsoft’s print nightmare continues with malicious driver packages


Microsoft’s print nightmare continues with one more instance of exactly how a hazard star can accomplish SYSTEM opportunities by abusing malicious printer motorists.

Last month, safety and security scientists mistakenly revealed a proof-of-concept manipulate for the Windows Print Nightmare zero-day.

This susceptability is tracked as CVE-2021-34527 and also is an absent consent sign in the Windows Print Spooler that permits mounting malicious print motorists to accomplish remote code implementation or neighborhood advantage acceleration on susceptible systems.

Microsoft launched an out-of-band KB5004945 safety and security upgrade that was expected to repair the susceptability, yet safety and security scientists swiftly figured out that the spot might be bypassed under specific problems.

However, Microsoft mentioned that their spots functioned as meant, and also as the susceptability was being proactively made use of, suggested all Windows customers to set up the upgrade.

The print nightmare continues

Yesterday, safety and security scientist and also Mimikatz maker Benjamin Delpy stated he discovered a method to misuse Windows’ regular approach of mounting printer motorists to get neighborhood SYSTEM opportunities via malicious printer motorists.

This strategy can be made use of also if admins used Microsoft’s recommended mitigations of limiting printer driver installment to admins and also disabling Point and also Print.

While this brand-new neighborhood advantage acceleration approach is not the like the one frequently described Print Nightmare, Delpy informed BleepingComputer that he thinks about comparable printer driver installment pests to be identified under the exact same name.

In a discussion with BleepingComputer, Delpy clarified that also with reductions used, a hazard star might develop an authorized malicious print driver plan and also utilize it to accomplish SYSTEM opportunities on various other systems.

To do this, the danger star would certainly develop a malicious print driver and also authorize it making use of a relied on Authenticode certification using these steps

However, some danger stars choose the “Rolls Royce” approach of authorizing motorists, which is to acquire or swipe an EV certification and after that submit it for Microsoft WHQL validation as a phony firm.

Once they have actually an authorized printer driver plan, a hazard star can set up the driver on any kind of various other networked tool where they have management opportunities.

Threat stars can after that utilize this “pivot” tool to get SYSTEM opportunities on various other gadgets where they do not have raised opportunities merely by mounting the malicious driver, as revealed by the video clip listed below.

Delpy stated that this strategy might be made use of to aid danger stars spread out side to side in a currently endangered network.

When asked exactly how Microsoft might avoid this sort of strike, Delpy mentioned that they tried to avoid it in the past by deprecating variation 3 printer motorists. Ultimately, this triggered issues, and also Microsoft ended the v3 deprecation policy in June 2017.

Unfortunately, this approach will likely not be dealt with as Windows is made to enable a manager to set up a printer driver, also ones that might be unknowninglymalicious Furthermore, Windows is made to enable non-admin customers to set up authorized motorists on their gadgets for convenience of usage.

Instead, safety and security software program will likely be the main protection versus assaults such as this by finding the malicious driver or actions.

BleepingComputer has actually gotten in touch with Microsoft concerning the problem yet has actually not listened to back.

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