Melissa Lewis Murder: Where is Tony Villegas Now?


A younger, eager attorney at an attorney in Florida was actually extremely slaughtered back in March 2008. An objective for her carnage was actually tough to find through originally. Then, a lawful concern that her agency was actually implicated in just included in the disarray. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Six Degrees of Murder: Going Places’ explores this incredibly scenario. The cops found a blend of bodily and also inconclusive evidence to deliver the great to compensation. So, if you’re interested regarding what took place to Melissa, our company’ve acquired you dealt with.

How Did Melissa Lewis Die?

Melissa was actually birthed in Jacksonville, Florida, in November 1968. The cherished 39-year-old originally operated at a health center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, prior to she acquired her GED and also mosted likely to university. She constantly intended to be actually an attorney, and also her desire happened after educational institution. She helped Rothstein Rosenfeldt & & Adler, at some point bring in companion. Her effectiveness and also hectic job performed certainly not maintain her coming from her loved ones, particularly her daughters, whom she was actually incredibly near.

Melissa Lewis Murder: Where is Tony Villegas Now?

Melissa gave back coming from job at some point at night on March 5, 2008, however she failed to appear the upcoming time. Her associates were actually stressed and also searched for her. A pest exterminator likewise popped in Melissa’s house to locate the garage door available and also her vehicle skipping, a haunting indicator. The look for her finished in disaster when her physical body was actually discovered in a channel. She had actually been actually suffocated to fatality. Melissa’s vehicle was actually discovered eventually in a car park certainly not as well much coming from the physical body’s area.

Who Killed Melissa Lewis?

The detectives began to ask every person associated with Melissa’s lifestyle. Sometime in 2002, she wed an attorney, however that finished in breakup regarding 5 years eventually. At the agency, among Melissa’s closest pals was actually Debra Villegas, that was actually the COO. The 2 invested a great deal of opportunity with each other, along with Melissa preparing food for her youngsters and also walking out on loved ones getaways along with all of them. Debra was actually withheld coming from her hubby, Tony Villegas, back then. Both Debra and also her youngsters explained that he was actually abusive.

Around the moment Debra divided coming from Tony, Melissa developed closer to her. Debra’s child, Caleb, eventually demonstrated that his daddy failed to like that. He explained that Tony blamed Melissa for his splitting up, including, “At one point, he told me that he felt Melissa and my mom were scheming, and they were getting a divorce around the same time so they could hang out.” The detectives prevented Tony a full week after the massacre. They possessed plenty of proof indicating his sense of guilt.

Tony stood up test in 2016 after originally being actually concluded incompetent in 2010. A witness explained that she viewed a cars and truck identical to Tony’s in the car park where Melissa’s vehicle was actually at some point discovered. A male that had actually leased Tony an area explained that he viewed him clean his palms and also upper arms to take out pepper spray deposit. The authorizations previously validated that pepper spray had actually been actually utilized in the garage.

Debra, that was actually already separated and also passed the surname Coffey, demonstrated that Tony possessed threatened each of all of them over the last. She mentioned, “We talked about it, neither one of us wanted a gun, she was living alone, so she felt she needed something to, you know I was going through a difficult divorce and living on my own as well, so I decided on a Taser, and she decided on pepper spray.” The very most frightening proof can be found in the type of bodily proof. Tony’s DNA was actually discovered on the coat Melissa had actually been actually enduring the evening of her massacre. It was actually discovered in her vehicle.

Where is Tony Villegas Now?

In July 2016, Tony was actually condemned of first-degree massacre. The self defense failed to give a substitute objective for the massacre however pressured practical hesitation. There was actually conjecture of the massacre being actually associated with Scott Rothstein’s Ponzi plan, however Melissa was actually never ever implicated during that scenario. In the very same month, Tony was actually punished to lifestyle behind bars. Melissa’s auntie mentioned after his view, “With this selfish act of jealousy, you not only violated our family but your own too. We will all suffer this loss as long as we live, but we forgive you.” He continues to be put behind bars at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Lake City, Florida.