Meet Frances Glandney: Age, profession and household of Smokey Robinson’s spouse


Smokey Robinson, age 82, executed on phase along with Stevie Wonder and Chris Stapleton on the Grammy Awards on Sunday –Robinson’s spouse, Frances Glandney, remained in participation.

She put on a light blue pantsuit fitted with plumes, whereas Robinson put on a blue-green three-piece.

Billy Crystal introduced the 3 artists, that after that executed The Way You Do The Things You Do, Tears Of A Clown, and Higher Ground.

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Who is Smokey Robinson’s spouse Frances Glandney, and what’s their age difference?

Born in September 1948, Frances Glandney Robinson goes to existing 74 years of age. She’ll turn 75 later on this year. Glandney is her maiden determine.

Since her spouse, William “Smokey” Robinson, is 82 (nonetheless rapidly to reveal 83), the age difference in between them is in between 8 and 9 years, Frances Glandney being the younger.

According to public details, she today lives in North Hollywood, California and has, before currently, resided in Las Vegas, Nevada; Gibsonia, Pennsylvania; and a number of various other various addresses in California.

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Since what age have Smokey Robinson and his spouse Frances Glandney been wed?

Smooth Radio composes that they wed in May 2002, i.e., stone’s throw off 21 years in the past. In May 2002, Glandney would not yet have actually transformed 54, whereas Robinson would certainly have currently transformed 62.

A Medium short article from 2017 defines her as an “accomplished interior designer.”

That year, nonetheless, they presented their most recent joint venture venture: a skin care line for people of pigmentation.

“I have dry skin due to my extensive travel schedule,” it prices quote Robinson as claiming. “I also play a lot of golf. Frances and I were looking for a solution. We tried just about everything that was on the market.”

But absolutely nothing struggled, evidently. That is, till they created their extremely individual stress–Get Ready and My Girl They obtain their names from 2 of Robinson’s struck tracks.

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Do they’ve young people?

Not jointly, nonetheless Smokey Robinson had 2 young people together with his initial spouse, other Miracles participant Claudette Rogers, whom he wed in 1959.

Their young people’s names are Berry (birthed 1968) and Tamla (1971 ). Smokey and Claudette separated in 1986, 2 years after the shipment of a 3rd child, Trey, whose mother isn’t Claudette.

Frances Glandney because of this reality has 3 step-children in Berry,Tamla and Trey

Since 2017/18, Smokey Robinson has actually made and supplied a glass of wine out of his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania deal with. Other stores have actually asserted that Frances collaborates with him on this particular venture.

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