Maria Montoya Murder: Where Is Jimmy White Now?


When Ivory Montana despatched her little girl, Monica, to her granny, Maria Montana’s residence, she had no idea of the catastrophe waiting for the house. 6-year-old Monica was the key to find Maria blood loss on the bed area ground, and also although that very first -responders attempted their best to prevent losing her life, the crashes verified also severe. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Eyes Of A Child’ narrates the awful murder and also adheres to the examination that eventually presented the criminal to justice. Let’s explore the bottom lines bordering the murder and also find out additional, we could?

How Did Maria Montana Die?

A citizen of Colorado Springs, Maria remained in the similar condo progressed as her granddaughter, Ivory, and also great-granddaughter,Monica While each Ivory and also Monica have actually been very near the aged woman, Maria was respected in your area, and also other individuals discussed exactly how she never was reluctant to raise an offering to hand and also would certainly invite everyone with a warmth smile. Incidentally, Maria really did not also interact with numerous people throughout her daily life, that made her abrupt and also shocking death every one of the additional stunning.

On June 25, 1993, Monica and also Ivory have actually been hanging out at their condo when the previous figured out to go most likely to her great-grandmother. Since it prevailed for Monica to hang around along with her great-grandmother, Ivory really did not expect a great deal of it. However, quickly after, Ivory figured out to validate know her little girl, nevertheless as rapidly as she got out of the condo, she found Monica operating as high as her, asserting a nasty guy had damages Maria.

Ivory quickly hurried to her granny’s condo to find Maria broke down on the ground, hemorrhaging a lot from a stab injury in her neck. Although she was however active currently, the damage was rather severe, and also Maria handed away earlier than very first -responders might acquire the scene. Still, an post-mortem later on made a decision that Maria was stabbed to passing away, and also numerous various other prized possessions offered the impact to be doing not have, that made the authorities presume a burglary.

Who Killed Maria Montana?

When checking out Maria’s murder, the authorities accomplished an extensive search of her condo and also observed {that} blade was doing not have from the blade block within the cooking area. Authorities thought this to be the murder tool, though it was perplexing regarding why there have actually been no indications of forced access, despite the clear sign of a burglary. On prime of it, a lot of Maria’s associates explained her as a kindhearted woman that really did not have any kind of adversaries that would certainly objective her in such an outrageous technique.

Hence, without any leads or witnesses, investigatives found themselves once more on sq. one. While keeping an eye out the condo progressed, the authorities obtained right here throughout Anthony Jackson and also Tania Slater, that had blood splatters on their garments. While the blood did make them initial suspects, the authorities rapidly understood that Anthony and also his partner have actually been making an effort to aid Ivory conserve Maria’s life. However, because Anthony was an ex-convict, he left the scene as quickly as the polices got here.

On the contrary hand, the authorities furthermore understood that 6-year-old Monica Montoya might require obtained a peek of the awesome, however it definitely was bothersome to obtain the expertise out of her. The succeeding innovation used itself whereas talking to Ivory, that declared that Maria hesitated of a certain Jimmy White, that would commonly ask her for extra cash. While Jimmy lived in his sibling’s condo adjacent to the victim’s, authorities appeared right into his life and also discovered a shocking key.

According to today, Jimmy was in advance founded guilty on the unconnected expense of stabbing an aged woman to passing away after she rejected to provide him cash money and also was out on parole on the moment of Maria’s passing away. By this time around, the authorities have actually been ensured of his participation within the murder, nevertheless to make certain, they would certainly a young child psycho therapist talk to Monica.

Once the six-year-old showed up comfortable with responding to concerns, the authorities offered her a picture schedule, and also she or he quickly recognized Jimmy due to the fact that the one she had actually seen assaulting her great-grandmother. Based on Monica’s assertion, Jimmy was apprehended for the criminal activity, and also a quick search of his sibling’s condo exposed the residential property he had actually taken from Maria.

Where Is Jimmy White Now?

When used in court docket, Jimmy understood that there was a hill of evidence in the direction of him and also quickly consented to an appeal offer. The offer had him beg liable to second-degree murder, worsened burglary, and also house-training in alternating for a minimal sentence, and also the determine eventually handed him an 89-year prison amount of time in 1993. Unfortunately, prison information do not existing Jimmy’s existing location, though together with his sentence however insufficient, we visualize he’s behind bars at a Colorado prison.

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