Maichelle Trotter Murder: Where Are James Stanfield and Anthony Stokes Now?


The citizens of the high end community of Hillsboro in Nashville, Tennessee, had actually been left stunned when the authorities began checking out an achievable murder after blood splatters and component of a human ear had actually been found inside an area Exxon terminal. The victim, swiftly acknowledged as 23-year-old Maichelle Trotter, was no place to be seen, though the authorities thought she was seriously wounded. Eventually, Maichelle became the victim of a murder, and her situation is outlined within the Investigation Discovery’s episode ‘Deadly Recall: No Body No Crime.’ If you’re interested by this situation and dream to find out the location Maichelle’s awesome goes to present, we have currently you lined.

How Did Maichelle Trotter Die?

A homeowner of Nashville, Tennessee, Maichelle Trotter was just 23 years obsoleted on the moment of her murder. While her family and member of the family explained her as an energised and realistic certain individual that had great desires for the longer term, Maichelle was acknowledged for her valuable and pleasurable nature. People familiarized in addition to her spoken about just how Maichelle might whatsoever times be depended on in any kind of state of events, and evaluates well-known that she was a persistent employee at an Exxon terminal inHillsboro However, the globe obtained right here collapsing down rounded her member of the family when versus the legislation sustained by hate declared Maichelle’s life constantly.

On the early morning of January 22, 1993, the owner of the Exxon terminal the location Maichelle struggled gotten here on the creating to find blood splatters anywhere in the bay room. He instantaneously described as 911, and as quickly as very first -responders got to the scene, they did an extensive search nonetheless could not reveal a body. Instead, they found a little bit of human ear on the ground and a bloody palmprint on a nearby workbench. Moreover, a secured consisting of cash money rested nearby, though absolutely nothing seemed swiped. During the examination, authorities found that Maichelle, an employee of the similar Exxon terminal, was doing not have and thought she was assaulted had in the terminal the earlier night.

Their concept was reinforced as quickly as the owner validated that Maichelle was the last certain individual to leave the terminal on a day. When regulations enforcement police officers had actually been inevitably caused Maichelle’s figure days later on, they discovered that she was assaulted and secured had in the trunk of her car earlier than her awesomes discarded the car in a lake. Subsequently, an post-mortem determined that the victim passed away from candid power injury.

Who Killed Maichelle Trotter?

The initial examination right into Maichelle Trotter’s death was difficult as they really did not have a body, to begin with. While an extensive search of the criminal offense scene disclosed a bloody palmprint, regulations enforcement police officers had actually been incapable to match it to anyone within the system. Hence, with none leads or witnesses, the situation rested inactive for the main couple of days. Nevertheless, the authorities accumulated their examination and canvassed the globe throughout the Exxon terminal. They went from door to door asking individuals in case they saw something and also talked to a variety of of Maichelle’s colleagues nonetheless fruitless. From the shows up of it, Maichelle had actually disappeared right into slim air, and her member of the family had no idea why anyone would certainly damage the 23-year-old.

Anthony Stokes

As Maichelle’s car was doing not have along with in addition to her, the authorities produced an APB for the vehicle. They also prompted the public to find back in advance and presented a $10,000 incentive for any kind of information that could lead to Maichelle’s location. Even after that, leads had actually been strenuous to find back by, and investigatives kept setting up one ineffective coating after another. Eventually, the authorities collected that the assailant( s) would certainly have acknowledged Maichelle’s job routine to prepare a burglary on the terminal.

Hence, they began interviewing her present and previous colleagues if they had something to provide. Although none of their prints matched the hand print on the murder scene, a certain ex-co-worker called James Stanfield stood apart. Detectives had an intestinal tract instinct that he had one point to cover, and on prime of that, James really did not have an appropriate alibi for the night of the murder. The existing discussed that added examination validated just how James was in advance worried in a burglary, and as quickly as the authorities visited his house, they found his flatmate, Anthony Stokes, that was furthermore present on the scene of the criminal offense.

Where Are James Stanfield and Anthony Stokes Now?

Anthony Stokes notified the authorities that he recognized Maichelle Trotter and had actually also dated her for time. Still, when he was incapable to provide an alibi for the night of Maichelle’s murder, authorities asked for his handprint and presented him right to the police headquarters for added examining. Anthony’s print became an optimal suit to the bloody palmprint found on the murder scene, and the authorities recognized that that they had their guy. However, maybe not feasible for one certain individual to eliminate Maichelle and remove her figure in other places, which led the authorities once more to James Stanfield.

James Stanfield

When James was examined for the 2nd time, investigatives pressed him much more resilient, and he last but not least gave up and admitted to the murder. James declared they mull over to burglarize the Exxon terminal, nonetheless upon uncovering Maichelle there, Anthony defeated her to death with a tire iron. They after that placed her figure within the trunk of her vehicle and discarded the car inside a lake. James also led the authorities to the location they threw away Maichelle’s figure, and regulations enforcement police officers had actually been last but not least with the ability of apprehension James and Anthony for his/her participation within the criminal offense.

When generated in court docket, James Stanfield and Anthony Stokes begged liable to the first-degree murder ofMaichelle Trotter James was added founded guilty of 2 added costs connected to arson and especially intensified burglary. In 1993, the murder price netted each James and Anthony 51 years behind bars, whereas James was offered a more 30-year sentence due to the various costs. Surprisingly, existing prison information have not any kind of mention ofAnthony Stokes Still, with him not being qualified for parole since the moment of composing, we think about that Anthony continues to be to be jailed in a Tennessee prison. On the contrary hand, James remains behind bars on the Turney Center Industrial Complex in Only, Tennessee, and will be qualified for launch in 2023.

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