Leroy Headley Now: Where Is Anako “Annette” Lumumba’s Alleged Killer Today?


In May 2018, the mommy of pair of, Anako “Annette” Lumumba, was actually extremely fired to fatality in her South Burlington, Vermont, property. Moments after the homicide, 911 drivers acquired a phone call coming from an amount that allegedly concerned Anako’s man,Leroy Headly Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit With John Walsh: American Nightmare’ graphes the harmful homicide and also presents exactly how Leroy’s loss triggered some of the largest worldwide manhunts. Let’s dig deep in to the unlawful act and also discover where Leroy Headley is today, shall our team?

Who Is Leroy Headley?

Originally coming from Jamaica, Leroy Headley stayed in South Burlington, Vermont, along with his sweetheart,Anako Lumumba To outsiders, both enjoyed all together and also also discussed pair of youngsters. However, depending on to the series, Leroy and also Anako were actually an on-again-off-again married couple that possessed normal battles and also run-ins. Anako operated as a nurse practitioner and also was actually called an energetic and also practical individual that spread out delight on earth.

Leroy Headley Now: Where Is Anako “Annette” Lumumba’s Alleged Killer Today?< figcaption i.d. ="caption-attachment-437403" lesson=" wp-caption-text">Image Credit: Local 22 & Local 44/YouTube

On May 3, 2018, the police were alerted to a shooting in South Burlington when a man called 911 and claimed he had shot a woman. The man even gave operators the address to his home, and later the police discovered that the call was made from a number reportedly belonging to Leroy Headley. When police arrived at the crime scene, Leroy had already taken off. Sources also state that he called another family member to report his crime before fleeing. Inside the house, the police found Anako Lumumba shot dead in cold blood.

Authorities’ suspicions about Leroy were strengthened when his brother claimed Leroy contacted him to confess to the murder. Although Leroy’s then-whereabouts were unclear, the police decided to trace his missing car. The car was traced to Albany, New York, and finally located on May 18, 2018. According to sources, the murder weapon was also reportedly found in the same area.

Where Is Leroy Headley Now?

After locating his car in Albany, New York, the police began charting his possible escape routes and deducted that he was most likely to go to Philadelphia. However, they were also looking at other possibilities as the suspect had ties in several places, including Las Vegas, Massachusetts, Florida, and his home country of Jamaica. Moreover, officers also learned that Leroy had contacted his lawyer just eleven days after the murder. Although the lawyer asked his client to turn himself in and reported the call to authorities, Leroy was nowhere to be found.

For three months, the police kept canvassing for Leroy’s location until the US Marshals took over. Determined to bring the investigation to an end, authorities even turned to the public, requesting any leads or clues which they could follow up on. A reward was also announced for any information that would lead to Leroy’s capture. The interstate manhunt changed into a massive international one when officers received information that Leroy might have escaped to Jamaica.

In January 2020, Leroy was added to the US Marshals’ 15 most wanted list, and shortly after, he was traced to Negril, Jamaica. Ultimately, on February 2, 2020, Leroy was arrested from Negril in the Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica. Authorities even announced that Leroy had a second unrelated warrant for his arrest which stemmed from an alleged sexual abuse of pair of smalls.

After his apprehension, Leroy was actually transferred to Vermont and also created to seem before a court. He begged innocent to the second-degree homicide and also the irrelevant sexual abuse commands. According to resources, Leroy stays captive as his test has actually been actually put off because of the Covid -19 dilemma. However, mentions condition that the test are going to return to the moment Burlington offers the environment-friendly sign to return to court tests.