Latrese Curtis Murder: Where Is Robert Reaves Now?


The area of Raleigh, North Carolina, awakened to a distressing homicide when the cops acquired an employ January 2008 concerning a less competent women existing through the edge of Interstate 540. They got there to locate Latrese Curtis extremely slaughtered in an unlawful act that appeared pretty private. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Where Murder Lies: Obstacle of Affection’ showcases the relaxing homicide as well as graphes out the following cops inspection, which showed an unlawful act of interest as well as envy. If the instance flirtations you as well as you would like to know where the killer goes to existing, our experts have you dealt with.

How Did Latrese Curtis Die?

Latrese Curtis was actually called happy as well as crazy along with the suggestion of residing. She was actually a pupil at the North Carolina Central University, as well as her social group possessed only appreciation for her. Curtis was actually additionally pretty near to her family members as well as lived in Raleigh along with her partner,Darin She is horribly overlooked to this quite time. On January 30, 2008, the Raleigh Police acquired a telephone call educating all of them concerning some chauffeurs discovering a female’s body system stretching out along with Interstate 540.

Latrese Curtis Murder: Where Is Robert Reaves Now?

She was actually stated to become less competent as well as potentially stagnant. The cops hurried to the area near Louisburg Road to locate the sufferer currently died. She was actually recognized as Latrese Curtis, as well as a postmortem examination identified that she had actually been actually plunged in her back, belly, breast, as well as scalp just about 40 opportunities. The cause was actually verified to become the jab injuries as well as the attributes of fatality a murder. Moreover, the cops acquired that the murderous as well as unmerciful character of the spell mentioned it being among private counterattack, disgust, or even envy.

Who Killed Latrese Curtis?

Starting their inspection, the cops chose to explore Curtis’ private links to identify why any individual will desire to eliminate her. According to the series, via their inspection, the cops found that Latrese Curtis was actually supposedly included along with an individual calledSteven Randolph Although there are actually differing files concerning the specifics of the sufferer’s organization along with Randolph, district attorneys alleged that the 2 discussed a sex-related connection as well as were actually additionally observing one another. Naturally, along with Curtis currently gotten married to, Randolph ended up being the prime suspect, as well as authorizations started exploring his lifestyle.

When looking into Randolph, police officers found that he discussed a home along withRobert Reaves Robert Reaves was actually after that utilized as a pastor at Cedar International Fellowship in Durham as well as was actually taken into consideration, on all profiles, a theological guy. However, Reaves’s colleagues performed certainly not understand that he was actually gay as well as according to district attorneys, possessed a lengthy past history of creating sex-related innovations in the direction of boys. When the cops heard that, they explored Reeves as well as learnt that he possessed his eye on Randolph for pretty a long time. Although Randolph made evident that he never ever possessed any kind of sexual intercourses along with Reaves, the latter wanted his roomie as well as sought him non-stop. Still, Rudolph maintained switching Reaves down.

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According to the show, the police theorized that once Reaves learned about Rudolph’s alleged affair with Curtis, he deduced that his advances were being turned down because of their affair. Thus, seeing Curtis as an obstacle to his desire, Reaves wanted to get rid of her. Their theory was strengthened by two witnesses, one of whom was Curtis’ friend. The friend said that she had received a call from Curtis’ number at 2 am on January 30. Yet, instead of anyone speaking, she only heard the sound of cars and footsteps.

When Reaves was questioned, he mentioned that he did not see Curtis that night and was instead at a church function. He even told the police that he did not lend his car to anyone else. However, authorities were able to refute his statement using their second witness, a state trooper, who claimed that she had seen Curtis’ and Reaves’ vehicles together on the interstate 540 at 1:30 am. Additionally, officers even recovered a half-melted trash can that contained fabric and accelerant at Reaves’ house. According to authorities, the trash can and its contents proved that Reaves had recently tried to burn some sort of clothing. With enough evidence to warrant an arrest, Reaves was then arrested for his involvement in Curtis’ murder.

Where Is Robert Reaves Now?

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