Kumkum Bhagya, Full Episode 3rd September 2021 Written Update, Pallavi Hand Over The Keys To Prachi


The most up-to-date episode of Kumkum Bhagya is actually featuring a more account of Pragya and also Abhi and also they each are actually visiting begin a brand new lifestyle for the upcoming 6 months where Abhi will certainly must live along with Pragya as a short-lived other half. It appears unusual however that is actually a truth of the serial. On the opposite side, Prachi and also Rhea have actually been actually residing in the very same property and also Rhea possesses wicked plannings versus Prachi to present her down.

Kumkum Bhagya, Full Episode 3rd September 2021 Written Update, Pallavi Hand Over The Keys To Prachi

Now, the moment has actually been actually altered for the audiences given that they will certainly come to observe one thing incredible and also amusing in the serial given that Abhi gone into Pragya’s property for his retribution as Tanu aggravated her that Pragya is actually the only cause for their health condition.

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In the previous episode, our team observed that Alia and also Tanu entered their property and also Mitali received surprised after listening to that Pragya offered amount of money to all of them in profit forAbhi Mitali contacted amount of money and also rejoices after seeing this. Aliya and also Mitali mocked the planning Tanu when she prepared to acquire the entire chawl.

On the opposite side, Aliya offered her planning to spend the cash and also ruinPragya On the opposite side, Dida inquired Pallavi to entrust our home keys to Prachi for handful of hrs therefore, it will certainly aid to create her planning great. While Rhea listened to all things and also thought of Prachi that she is actually a great star.

Rhea created a planning to perform one thing wicked once again and also when Rhea related to the venue, she observed Ranbir and also Prachi embracing one another and also Rhea believed that she had actually snagged whatever coming from her. Later, she observed a container of ghee and also took a round of cotton, and also play at the container. She went down all the ghee on the staircases and also prepared to dropped her. On the opposite side, Gaurav included a legal professional to Pragya’s property.

Gaurav gone into Sushma’s property and also inquired the attorney to offer the newspaper to her. Gaurav ridiculed Sushma’s a great deal and also soughtPragya Sushma believed to whack her and also gotten in touch with Pragya’s other half. She gotten in touch with Abhi and also Gaurav received surprised after hearing his title as Pragya’s other half. Abhi related to him and also ridiculed him.

We likewise observed that Rhea notion Dida will certainly drop however all of a sudden, Pallavi happened and also tripped the flooring. Everyone happened and also Pallavi heckled her. Along along with her, Ranbir likewise heckled Prachi and also Dida believed dismayed for her. Rhea related to Prachi and also produced her chill out.

Now, the upcoming episode will certainly present you that Abhi will certainly stand up for Pragya when Gaurav makes an effort to put-down her. Sushma and also Pragya experience suitable for him that he stand up for Prachi versusGaurav Later, Pragya returns to his area for thanking him. Abhi claims that she acquired him coming from Alia and also Tanu for the very same reason.

Pragya thinks harmed when he redoes that she acquired him coming from all of them. She claims that he purchased this company and also does not require her say thanks to. Later, Pallavi’s thoughts receives altered all of a sudden and also she determines to entrust all the accountabilities and also property keys toPrachi Everyone is actually viewing pleased apart fromRhea The Episode Ends. So, allow’s await the upcoming episode.