Kevin Underwood Now: Where is Jamie Bolin’s Killer Today?


When 10-year-old Jamie Rose Bolin went skipping in Purcell, Oklahoma, in April 2006, the hunt initiatives were actually enormous. But no person would certainly possess ever before pictured what found yourself occurring to the little bit of female. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Signs of a Psychopath: Wolves’ take care of Jamie’s ruthless abuse carnage being one of the instances included on the series. Kevin Underwood, a loner that stayed in the very same apartment building, conveniently admitted to her massacre. So, permit’s learn what took place to Kevin ever since, shall our team?

Who is Kevin Underwood?

On April 12, 2006, Jamie Bolin, a fifth-grader, headed to the public library to have fun with a pal after university. She was actually certainly not observed or even talked to once again. The troubled family members stated her absent, as well as the authorizations put together a number of obstacles to discover any sort of info regarding her location. As portion of the examination, the cops came upon 26-year-oldKevin Ray Underwood He was actually Jamie as well as her dad’s next-door neighbor. Kevin stimulated the authorizations’ rate of interest after their first discussion along with him on April 14, as well as they determined to browse his spot.

Kevin Underwood Now: Where is Jamie Bolin’s Killer Today?

In Kevin’s home, they discovered a big plastic bathtub inside his storage room. Jamie’s nude physical body was actually located inside. At this aspect, Kevin informed the authorizations, “Go ahead and arrest me. She is in there. I chopped her up.” Jamie had actually been actually suffocated, as well as there was actually a deep-seated slice around her back, advising a neglected decapitation. The cops likewise located Jamie’s disassembled bike at the home. Kevin was actually collared, as well as he quickly admitted to what took place.

Kevin sustained an internet blogging site that delivered some knowledge right into his thoughts. He broached cannibalism on there as well as discussed that he had actually been actuallydepressed He likewise discussed talked with the authorizations regarding his fantasies as well as exactly how they cultivated after viewing cannibalism-related porn online. On April 12, Kevin drew Jamie right into his home under the pretense of having fun with his household pet rodent as well as viewing animes on TELEVISION. Then, he reached her in the scalp consistently along with a timber reducing panel.

Kevin likewise asphyxiated her, as well as depending on to him, it took approximately twenty moments just before she perished. Jamie’s postmortem examination revealed documentation of sexual offense also. The authorizations likewise located a hacksaw, a meat product tenderizer, as well as some barbeque skewers at the home. These indicated the option that Kevin was actually visiting consumeJamie His sex-related fantasies entailed abuse, statutory offense, as well as cannibalism.

Where is Kevin Underwood Now?

Given the admission as well as the difficult documentation, a court took a lot less than half a hr to pronounce guilty Kevin of first-degree massacre in February 2008. In April the very same year, he was actually punished to fatality through dangerous treatment. Kevin’s protection carried out certainly not conflict that he eliminated Jamie however wished for a daily life paragraph as an alternative. They indicated mitigating factors like his mental disease as well as the spoken as well as psychological slander he encountered as a kid.

In August 2016, a beauty for reversing Kevin’s execution was actually refused. His attorneys stated that he was actually actually diagnosed along with schizotypal neurosis as well as had actually lately acquired an Asperger’s Syndrome medical diagnosis. As every penitentiary reports, Kevin continues to be on fatality row at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, Pittsburg County.