Kaseya’s universal REvil decryption key leaked on a hacking forum


The universal decryption key for REvil’s strike on Kaseya’s clients has actually been actually leaked on hacking discussion forums enabling scientists their 1st glance of the mystical key.

On July 2nd, the REvil ransomware group released a large strike on dealt with company around the world through manipulating a zero-day susceptibility in the Kaseya VSA remote control control document.

This strike encrypted roughly sixty dealt with company and also a predicted 1,500 services, creating it potentially the biggest ransomware strike in background.

After the strike, the danger stars required a $70 thousand ransom money to acquire a universal decryptor that might be utilized to decode all targets of the Kaseya ransomware strike.

However, the REvil ransomware group strangely faded away, and also not long after, the group’s Tor settlement websites and also structure were actually stopped.

The group’s loss stopped business that might require to obtain a decryptor right now not able to perform thus.

On July 22nd, Kaseya secured a universal decryption key for the ransomware strike coming from a mystical “trusted third party” and also started circulating it to had an effect on clients.

It is actually normally thought that Russian knowledge acquired the decryptor coming from the ransomware group and also discussed it along with United States police as a action of a good reputation.

Decryption key leaked on a hacking forum

Yesterday, safety and security scientist Pancak3 said to BleepingComputer that somebody submitted a screenshot of what they declared was actually a universal REvil decryptor on a hacking forum.

Forum post about Kaseya decryptor on a hacking forum
Forum article concerning Kaseya decryptor on a hacking forum

This article connected to a screenshot on GitHub that presented an REvil decryptor managing while featuring a base64 hashed ‘master_sk’key This key is actually ‘OgTD7co7NcYCoNj8NoYdPoR8nVFJBO5vs/kVkhelp2s=”, as presented listed below.

Screenshot of alleged Kaseya REvil decryptor
Screenshot of declared Kaseya REvil decryptor

When REvil ransomware targets pay for a ransom money, they acquire either a decryptor that benefits a singular encrypted data expansion or even a universal decryptor that benefits all encrypted data expansions utilized in a specific initiative or even strike.

The screenshot over is actually for a universal REvil decryptor that can easily decode all expansions linked with the strike.

To be actually very clear, while it was actually initially assumed that the decryption key within this screenshot may be the expert “driver’ key for all REvil initiatives, BleepingComputer has actually validated that it is actually merely the universal decryptor key for targets of the Kaseya strike.

This was actually likewise validated through Emsisoft CTO and also ransomware pro Fabian Wosar.

BleepingComputer examined the leaked key through covering an REvil universal decryptor along with the decryption key leaked in the screenshot.

Patching an REvil universal decryptor
Patching an REvil universal decryptor

After covering the decryptor, our company secured a digital device along with REvil ransomware samples utilized in the Kaseya strike.

As displayed in our video recording listed below, our company after that utilized our covered REvil Universal Decryptor to decode the encrypted reports efficiently.

Security agency Flashpoint also confirmed that they might decode reports secured during the course of the Kaseya ransomware strike utilizing this decryption key.

We likewise made an effort the decryptor on various other REvil examples our company have actually gathered over recent 2 years. The decryptor carried out certainly not operate, showing it is actually certainly not the expert decryption key for all REvil targets.

It is actually unclear why the Kaseya decryptor was actually submitted on a hacking forum, which is actually a not likely location for a prey to submit.

However, BleepingComputer was actually said to through many resources in the cybersecurity knowledge field that they think that the banner is actually associated along with the REvil ransomware group as opposed to a prey.

Regardless of the factors for it being actually submitted, for those observing the Kaseya ransomware spell, this is our 1st accessibility to the universal decryptor key that Kaseya strangely acquired.

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