Kaseya obtains universal decryptor for REvil ransomware victims


Kaseya got a universal decryptor that permits victims of the July 2nd REvil ransomware strike to recoup their data for complimentary.

On July 2nd, the REvil ransomware procedure introduced a large strike by making use of a zero-day susceptability in the Kaseya VSA remote monitoring application to secure roughly sixty took care of provider and also an approximated 1,500 companies.

After the strike, the risk stars required $70 million for a universal decryptor, $5 million for MSPs, and also $40,000 for each expansion secured on a sufferer’s network.

Revil's $70 million ransom demand
Revil’s $70 million ransom money need

Soon after, the REvil ransomware gang inexplicably vanished, and also the risk stars closed down their repayment websites and also framework.

While most victims were not paying, the gang’s loss protected against firms that might require to acquire a decryptor not able to do so.

Today, Kaseya has actually mentioned that they got a universal decryptor for the ransomware strike from a “trusted third party” and also are currently dispersing it to impacted clients.

“We can confirm we obtained a decryptor from a trusted third party but can’t share anymore about the source,” Kaseya’s SVP Corporate Marketing Dana Liedholm informed BleepingComputer.

“We had the tool validated by an additional third party and have begun releasing it to our customers affected.”

While Kaseya would certainly not share info regarding the trick’s resource, they verified with BleepingComputer that it is the universal decryption trick for the whole strike, enabling all MSPs and also their clients to decrypt data for complimentary.

It is uncertain what triggered the REvil ransomware procedure to close down and also go right into hiding. Multiple global police have actually informed BleepingComputer that they were not associated with their loss.

After the strike on JBS and also Kaseya, the White House’s has actually pressed the Russian federal government to do something regarding the ransomware gangs thought to be running within Russia.

It is thought that the Russian federal government informed the REvil ransomware gang to close down and also go away to reveal that they were collaborating with the USA.

While it is uncertain exactly how Kaseya recovered the decryption trick, it is feasible that Russia got it straight from the ransomware gang and also shared it with United States police as a motion of a good reputation.

REvil’s loss is most likely not completion of the gang’s online tasks.

In the previous the GandCrab ransomware procedure closed down and also rebranded as REvil, and also it is anticipated that REvil will certainly resurface once again as a brand-new ransomware procedure.

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