Josh SanSoucie: Where is Michael Politte’s Friend Now?


40-year-old Rita Politte’s awful murder in December 1998 stunned the little city of Hopeville,Missouri As the cops started their examination, they located that her adolescent kid, Michael, as well as his friend, Josh SanSoucie, had actually been those to discover her. ‘48 Hours: The Case Against Michael Politte’ discovers the celebrations adhering to the murder as well as the method the authorities lastly assembled Michael due to the fact that the awesome as well as despatched him to prison for higher than twenty years. Besides, today narrates the point of views of his closed ones, along with Josh, that was present on the murder scene that evening time. Now, when you wish to uncover out additional regarding him as well as his existing location, we’ve you lined.

Who is Josh SanSoucie?

15-year-old Josh SanSoucie was a day-to-day teen that cohabited with his home in Hopewell,Missouri He was great friends along with his 14-year-old classmate, Michael Politte; whereas the young boys did their reasonable percentage of mischievousness, they rarely landed in deep problem. On December 4, 1998, the 2 fulfilled at a fundamental store, as well as Michael welcomed Josh for a pajama party at his mama Rita’s trailer residence. There, the young people executed chess as well as video clip computer game as well as also went to the indigenous railway tracks, the location Michael established a fire place just for pleasurable.

Near twelve o’clock at night, the 2 young people went back to Rita’s house, as well as she or he embraced swiftly after, having actually originated from job. Things have actually been routine when the 3 rested for the evening- Rita in her space as well as the young boys in Michael’s. However, the young people have actually been every one of the unexpected got up rounded 6:30 AM on December 5, 1998, when they seen hefty smoke filling up the cell residence. Realizing there was a fire place, Josh bolted to obtain the next-door neighbors, Michael attempted to splash the fires with a yard hose pipe. Moreover, he went to check on Rita in her space, entirely to witness her mendacity bludgeoned under as well as fired.

The post-mortem stated that the 40-year-old had actually endured candid drive injury to the peak as well as had actually been intentionally established on fireplace. Hence, due to the fact that the cops examined the murder, Josh as well as Michael faced hrs of extensive examination given that they have actually been the one people in the house close to the victim. Josh remembered on today exactly how the cops conserved pressing them continuously as well as disbelieved their virtue. He pointed out, “They keep saying that I’m lying. I don’t even know if I’m telling the truth anymore.”

Eventually, the cops declared to have actually collected a videotaped admission from Josh, wherein he recognized getting up in the middle of the evening time on December 4, 1998, as well as finding his friend doing not have from the space. Based on this as well as the fact that fuel had actually been located on Michael’s tennis shoes, he was apprehended as well as billed along with his mama’s murder, despite his appeals of virtue. Three years later on, in 2002, he was founded guilty of the similar as well as punished to life behind bars.

Quite evidently, Josh clarified his earlier assertion in a deposition earlier than Michael’s test. He recognized that he was resting on the ground as well as never stayed up from there to see his friend doing not have. He included, “It’s not that I did not see him in his bed. I couldn’t see him in his bed.” Nevertheless, Josh’s video clip meeting was never executed in court room, as well as Michael was founded guilty.

Where is Josh SanSoucie Today?

After Michael was punished, Josh SanSoucie went back to his usual life as well as most prominent being far from the public eye for rounded twenty years. He provided his initial media assertion within today as well as recognized exactly how he has actually really felt tremendous regret since his friend was mounted for his mama’s murder. Josh clarified his position on his videotaped assertion as well as pointed out, “I don’t remember ever saying that…And I feel like if I said that, then it was maybe at a weak point or something.”

Josh added disclosed that on that particular eventful evening time, Michael had actually requested him if he would reasonably rest on the lounge couch than on his bed space floor covering. The previous revealed remorse for choosing the last as well as thinks that he might have obstructed any type of burglars as well as conserved Rita had he oversleeped the lounge. Josh in addition shared exactly how the what happens if’s have actually haunted him all these years, nevertheless he securely relies on Michael’s virtue. “He didn’t do it…I don’t know who did, but I know it wasn’t him.”

Meanwhile, Josh offers that he as well as Michael have not touched as well as wants to rejoin along with his friend at some point. As per research studies, he currently lives inSt Louis, Missouri, the location he’s utilized at a pizza shop as well as a vehicle clean solution. On the contrary hand, Michael resolved Josh on today as well as stated he does not envision Josh did something inappropriate.

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