Jennifer Jackson Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?


The authorities in Memphis, Tennessee, have actually been referred to as to a house after Noura Jackson found her more youthful mommy, Jennifer Jackson, in a swimming pool of blood inside. But since the cops proceeded examining, they thought that the attack on Jennifer was not arbitrary. ABC News’ ‘20/20: Deadly Daughter’ concentrates on what struck Jennifer and also the complex examination within the wake of her murder. So, allow’s uncover out added after that, we could?

How Did Jennifer Jackson Die?

Jennifer Schroeder was birthed in November 1965. The more youthful lady transferred to Memphis in 1980 and also later on finished fromMemphis State University She was called a professional athlete in addition to being a thoughtful and also beneficiant person. At the moment of the event, the 39-year-old cohabited with her adolescent child Noura and also struggled for SunTrust Capital Markets as a financing lender.

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At rounded 5 AM on June 5, 2005, Noura got here home to look for her mommy lined in blood in her bed space. She hurried to a next-door neighbor for aid after which referred to as 911. The authorities discovered that Jennifer was bare on the foot of the bed mattress, with blood in all areas. She had actually been stabbed above 50 events in a savage attack, nonetheless there have actually been no indications of sexual offense. Furthermore, the awesome had actually placed a wicker basket over Jennifer’s head.

Who Killed Jennifer Jackson?

At the moment, the authorities observed broken glass within the kitchen area. It obtained below from a door that brought about the storage space from the kitchen area. However, the windowpane showed up harmed from the within as an outcome of it associated a lock that would only be seen from inside the residence. Furthermore, the entrances on the skin primary right into the storage space have actually been secured. The cops originally thought that it was presented.

When Noura was wondered about, she recommended the cops concerning mosting likely to a contest with buddies earlier than going to 2 occasions. She confessed to consuming and also smoking weed that evening time and also mentioned she saw a gas terminal for cigarettes and also rode round earlier than heading to a pal’s residence at rounded 3:30 AM. Noura after that discussed returning home round 5 AM and also finding Jennifer’s figure.

However, the authorities observed that Noura had a reduced on her left hand. In action, she asserted it happened the evening time earlier than the murder when she dropped and also reduced herself on a beer container. Furthermore, Noura had not recommended the cops a couple of most likely to to the indigenousWalgreens Surveillance video from rounded 4 AM on June 5 validated her searching for initial assistance supplies, and also her conduct advised the injury was brand-new. The cops after that found the supplies in her auto.

Phone info advised that Noura’s telephone remained peaceful in between 1 AM and also 3 AM, which was unusual for her. This interval furthermore accompanied the moment the cops thought Jennifer had actually passed away. Soon, they began to presume Noura of murder. Their idea seemed boosted by declarations from buddies and also a couple of family members. The examination exposed that Noura and also Jennifer had problems, with member of the family stating the mommy was frustrated with Noura’s substance abuse and also lifestyle.

Jennifer’s sis later on indicated that the mommy and also child said connecting to the similar each week earlier than the murder. Noura’s uncle claimed that within the moment primary as high as Jennifer’s death, Noura had actually been asking about what she would certainly acquire if Jennifer passed away. However, {the teen} refuted these cases. The authorities assumed that Noura killed her mommy in a suit of craze.

But absolutely nothing on the criminal offense scene connected Noura to the murder. Her DNA or finger prints have actually been never found, and also a murder tool or bloody garments have actually been never positioned. The authorities found a minimum of 2 to 3 unknown DNA accounts on the criminal offense scene. Furthermore, Noura, who had actually obtained her nails performed on June 4, 2005, showed up to not have any type of swellings on her figure, and also her nails have actually been however undamaged, recommending that she had not been in a fight.

Nevertheless, the prosecution placed Noura on test for Jennifer’s murder. One of her buddies, Clark Schifani, indicated that she got a name from the Jacksons’ home telephone and also secs later on, from Noura’s mobile phone at round 1 AM on June 5. However, Noura asserted to have not gone home till 5 AM. The authorities thought that she made use of your home telephone inadvertently earlier than changing to her cellular telephone.

Noura’s defense said there was no physical evidence that validated Noura was the awesome which the prosecution’s instance was based primarily on circumstantial evidence. But in February 2009, Noura was found accountable of murder and also punished to over twenty years behind bars. Things changed for her in August 2014 when the Tennessee Supreme Court reversed the sentence, ruling that the prosecution broke Noura’s legal rights and also kept possibly exculpatory evidence. In the top, Noura approved an Alford appeal for a lower price and also was released from prison in August 2016 after offering above a years.

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