Is Netflix’s I Hate Christmas Based on a True Story?


Netflix’s ‘I Hate Christmas’ is an Italianromantic funny series established throughout Christmastime that complies with Gianna, a solitary registered nurse that encounters family tension to find a friend and also obtain wed. To avoid their nagging, she exists regarding having a partner and also consents to present him to them on the Christmas supper. However, with less than a month left for the holidays, Gianna systems bent on find a proper kid to provide home. But when all her days wind up unsatisfactory, she frets about uncovering love and also handling her family.

Featuring heartfelt efficiencies by stars like Pilar Fogliati, Andrea Di Stefano, Alessio Pratic ò, and also Gabriele Falsetta, today exudes Christmas joy with its setup and also visuals. Furthermore, the lead character’s mistaken nature, her ideas of love, and also her pursuit to search the best friend offer numerous within the audiences one point to tell to. Naturally, this makes one contemplate whether ‘I Hate Christmas’ has any type of referral to truth. If you wish to know the similar, best below’s what we have the ability to notify you!

Is I Hate Christmas a True Story?

No, ‘I Hate Christmas’ is simply not based primarily on a actual tale. It is the Italian remake of Netflix’s very first Norweigan series, ‘Home for Christmas,’ helmed by Per-Olav Sørensen. The guardian present’s suggestion was originated from an idea by advertising university student Amir Shaheen and also Kristian Andersen, that pitched it to a production company referred to as The Oslo Company as a component of their university obstacle. Based on a brief provided to them at a student meetup, the duo originally created an idea for a Nordic TELEVISION Christmas schedule for the broadcasting firm NRK.

Surprisingly, The Olso Company valued Amir and also Kristian’s pitch and also utilized them as trainees; Netflix eventually got the idea for the Norweigan existing. In a December 2019 meeting, Amir shared their suggestions on the suggestion and also pointed out, “I think what Oslo Company really liked about the idea was that we had tackled something that people might not talk about that much. That pressure if you’re a girl approaching 30, you have to get a job, have kids, be married, so we took that pressure, as a boy can feel, and put it in a funny context.”

“I remember we sat in the classroom and worked on this after school. We agreed that it was a girl because it gave the series more heart. We thought about a boy, but we felt it would be too frivolous,” Amir included regarding picking a womanly lead character for his/her tale. He and also Kristian added divulged just how they really did not view any type of Christmas movies nonetheless took motivation from Norweigan funny television exposes to offer you the suggestion on the last min.

Kristian claimed, “We wanted to reach out to a fairly broad target group in order to reach as many people as possible. We want to create situations that people can identify with, which can often be petty and exaggerated, but which are also serious with humor in them. So we thought, ‘Skam,’ ‘Side om Side,’ ‘Helt Perfekt,’ ‘White boys »,’ why are they all doing so well? Yes, it is because of that atmosphere.” ‘I Hate Christmas’ brings its distinctive preference to the workdesk despite largely adhering to the guardian present’s story.

Both exposes existing a reasonable photo of current love, where people normally catch see tension and also family assumptions and also approve a lot less. Moreover, it breasts the parable of an optimal fan and also discovers just how wholesome partnerships are created on regard and also traditional flooring. Not just that, it discovers just how self-love and also approval are secrets characteristic to establish in grownup life, as the scarcity of them can normally lead to spontaneous selections and also dissatisfactions. Hence, although ‘I Hate Christmas’ is imaginary, it authentically depicts trendy dating through its normal pace and also charming personalities.

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