Is Marguerite de Lancastel Based on a Real WW 1 Sex Worker?


Netflix’s ‘Women at War’ is the tale of 4 ladies and also the obstacles they bold at first of theFirst World War One of those ladies is Marguerite, a sexual intercourse worker that gets here in Saint Paulin within the role of finding job nonetheless is certainly dealing with something extremely personal to her. Over the program of 8 episodes, we discover real power inside her, as she assists everyone round her, from girls within the whorehouse to the soldiers in desire of automobiles. She is also granted for her solution by thePresident If this makes you consider whether she depends on a real person, after that right below’s what it’s important to learn about her.

Was Marguerite de Lancastel a Real Person?

No, Marguerite in ‘Women at War’ should not be largely based on a real person. The Netflix series is a imaginary tale developed by Camille Treiner and also Cecile Lorne, that was thrilled by the stories of ladies throughout the war. All the personalities within today are a picture of the girls and also the means they had actually been used throughout the war or had actually been associated with it in various approaches. Marguerite’s personality is a picture of the sexual intercourse personnel and also their stories, which are occasionally disregarded within the context of war.

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With the activity of cannon fodders in large numbers throughout the Great War, hooking expanded to come to be a rewarding business for some people that ran whorehouses, which had actually been pointed out to have actually been different for higher-ranked policemans. Establishments called ‘maisons tolérées’ were established in France, spread throughout the north component of the nation, closer to the military camps. These locations were legislated. The ladies functioning there were signed up and also obtained normal clinical exams to suppress the spread of venereal diseases, which was ending up being a larger issue for the military with every passing day.

In enhancement to this, the armed force is additionally claimed to have actually established its very own locations called Military Campaign Brothels, though this had not been the main time that the armed force was using them. These places had actually been prepare near to training camps and also tailored towards managing the workout of non listed sexual intercourse personnel, that might leave the usual well being examination. The triggers behind several girls not signing up as sexual intercourse personnel had actually been rather a couple of. For some, this was entirely a brief lived resolution throughout the war. For others, it was the one technique to protect functioning also when that they had STDs. Registered ones had actually been disallowed from functioning or had actually been despatched for treatment after they had actually been located to have actually gotten the disease. Reportedly, lots of of such places had actually appeared in thirty-five cities by 1917.


Despite the typical nature of whorehouses and also sexual intercourse personnel, there might be hardly something on the marketplace that discuss this subject. Thousands of ladies are pointed out to have actually been used on this line of labor, nonetheless their stories are both lost or simply disregarded. This causes a entire lack of knowledge of the situation of sexual intercourse personnel, the majority of whom had actually been trying to leave the hard problems of their lives. Because the majority of them had actually been uneducated or really did not want to review in relation to the nature of their job as a outcome of shame and also preconception connected to it, their stories have actually been lost to time.

In ‘Women at Work’, the authors wanted to focus on the situation of sexual intercourse personnel and also the circumstances they struggled in. Through Marguerite, we reach see a three-dimensional personality that isn’t simply lowered to 1 a component of their life. The Netflix series beams the sunlight on that facet, developing its individual story to provide the customers a means of what problems concerned like for 1000’s of those ladies that really did not fight within the war nonetheless had actually been alarmingly near the battlegrounds. So, though Marguerite should not be a real personality, the designers of today have actually developed her within the photo of several real ladies whose stories remain phenomenal.

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