Is Lifetime’s Bad Behind Bars Jodi Arias Based on a True Story?


Helmed by Rama Rau, Lifetime’s ‘Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias’ is a crime dramatization movie that functions as a follow-up to the 2013 movie ‘Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret.’ It overtakes well-known awesome Jodi Arias, that’s currently offering her prison sentence after her earlier sentence. She befriends fellow prisoners Donavan Bering and also Tracy Brown and also affects them to do all her bidding process. Once the previous is released from prison, she starts promoting for Jodi’s virtue nevertheless promptly recognizes that her chum will certainly not be specifically just how she asserts to be.

However, when Donavan determines to slice off Jodi, she releases her rage and also looks for vengeance. Featuring outstanding efficiencies of stars like Celina Sinden, Tricia Black, Lynn Rafferty, and also Karl Campbell, the Lifetime movie keeps the customers hooked till the leading with its gripping story. Besides, the authentic representation of prison life and also the realistic personalities make one wonder on the occasion that they attract from reality. If also you could be interested worrying the motivation behind ‘Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias,’ allow us to eliminate your interest!

Is Bad Behind Bars Jodi Arias a True Story?

Yes, ‘Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias’ depends on a actual tale. Adapting a distinct manuscript by Kim Barker, it explores the real-life experiences of Donavan Bering and also Tracy Brown, that in advance offered prison expressions with the well known assassinJodi Arias She goes to the minute jailed for the ruthless 2008 murder of her sweetheart,Travis Alexander Donavan and also Tracy expanded to end up being partners whereas offering time at Estrella Jail in Phoenix, Arizona.’ Love progressed, they typically celebrated a marriage, with Jodi officiating the event.

According to Donavan, Jodi carefully affected her and also Tracy, with the last also obtaining her initials tattooed on her body. The pair showed up in a 2021 Lifetime specific,‘Jodi Arias: Cellmate Secrets,’ wherein they splashed every one of the practical details concerning their time with the well known murderess. After the previous was released from prison, Donavan and also Tracy damaged their relationship with Jodi in 2016. Donavan satisfied Jodi’s mama and also apparently understood she had actually existed concerning a variety of attributes of her life.

Donavan shared within the Lifetime specific that she consulted with Jodi’s mama and also discovered the previous was very manipulative. She added declared just how the founded guilty awesome utilized her sexual intercourse destination to regulate others right into doing what she required. Nonetheless, Donavan and also Tracy gotten rid of Jodi’s affect from their lives and also progressed. The Rama Rau directorial relatively dramatizes the events spoke about within the Lifetime specific to craft its engaging story.

Since the movie is substantially a follow-up to ‘Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret,’ which narrates Jodi’s test and also sentence, it gets from the location it ended. Based on Donavan and also Tracy’s point of view, it details just how Jodi mentally controlled them and also various prisoners to do her job and also supporter for her. Although, a number of components right below and also there have actually plainly been carefully decorated for significant capacity. In a meeting with Laughing Place, Celina Sinden, that essays Jodi within the movie, discussed her prep work for the setting.

Donavan Bering and also Tracy Brown in Jodi Arias: Cellmate Secrets

The starlet clarified just how she really did not find out about Jodi or satisfy her nevertheless made use of pure comment to mimic her on the display screen. She mentioned, “Having a costume to help get into a role is so helpful and so delicious and delightful. Unfortunately, my Jodi was in jail, so I couldn’t really use costume or hair, or makeup. It wasn’t indicative of Jodi in who she really is when she wasn’t in jail. So, I tried to use her voice as much as I could to step into being Jodi and that mindset.”

Divulging just how she enjoyed the awesome’s meetings to inspect her quirks, Sukriti included, “She doesn’t come across as what you would imagine a killer to be. She’s very soft-spoken and very sweet and very girlish, and she doesn’t look physically strong. I tried to put the crime in my head to one side and focus on her as a character.” Moreover, Celina attributed Donavan and also Tracy for his/her set guiding throughout the production.

“I did not speak to Jodi or members of her family, but we were really lucky in that we had the real Donavan Bering and Tracy, who really knew Jodi…They were incarcerated with her. So we could make sure that we were trying to tell, as best we could, an accurate and respectful version of Jodi in the events that happened while she was in jail,” Celina included. Albeit, she quickly determined that they’ve verified a imaginary version of the founded guilty assassin within the movie.

Jodi Arias

The starlet ended, “I was also really aware that the Jodi that we were showing is a fictionalized version of Jodi. We’re not showing the real Jodi, this is our version of her. And I tried to, as best I could make it as accurate from what I’d seen as I could and really allow audiences to come away making their own conclusions, not wanting to feed them an answer, but rather letting them decide for themselves from what they see.”

Based on Celina’s expressions and also the total example of movies taking motivation from real-life cases and also other individuals, it’s protected to claim that ‘Bad Behind Bars: Jodi Arias’ is a significant analysis of exact events. It masterfully blends reality and also fiction to devise a fascinating tale worrying the well-known lead character, shielding the customers anxious to recognize added.

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