Is Laetitia a True Story?


‘Laetitia’ is a French- languagecrime dramatization set routed through Jean-Xavier deLestrade It observes the examination of a teen’s unexplainable loss as the cops desperately make an effort to assemble recent couple of hrs in chances of locating the woman. Meanwhile, the woman’s family members reflects upon the repercussions and also is afraid of the most awful. The traumatic activities that occur– leading up to the woman’s loss– are actually shell-shocking and also will definitely bring in the customers examine the tale’s link to truth. If you wonder regarding the ideas responsible for the set, right here’s whatever you require to recognize!

Is Laetitia Based on a True Story?

Yes, ‘Laetitia’ is based upon a true tale. The set is based upon a genuine happening that stunned France and also was actually told in Ivan Jablonka’s non-fiction book ‘Laëtitia ou la fin des hommes’ (which equates to ‘Laetitia or the End of Men’). Laetitia Perrais and also her paired sis, Jessica, were actually born upon May 4, 1992. At a youthful grow older, the women saw their dad vocally and also actually abusing their mama. This brought about both’s breakup, and also the women’ mama experienced clinical depression.

Is Laetitia a True Story?< figcaption i.d. ="caption-attachment-438270" course=" wp-caption-text">Image Credit: France 3 Pays de la Loire, YouTube

After spending a few years living with their grandmother and father, the girls were placed in a foster home. Laetitia and Jessica lived with Gilles and Michele Patron in Pornic, which is located in the Loire-Atlantique region of France. At the age of 18, Laetitia had started to work as a waitress. On January 18, 2011, she left for work at Hôtel de Nantes on her scooter. However, the following morning, her sister found her scooter outside the house with no sign of Laetitia. Jessica and her family alerted the police.

During the investigation, it was found that Laetitia had met Tony Meilhon the day earlier. After spending some time with Laetitia, Meilhon took the girl to a house. There Laetitia refused to have sex with Meilhon, who then proceeded to rape her. Initially, Meilhon allowed Laetitia to leave but later followed her in his car and brought her back to the house. He then murdered Laetitia and disposed of her severed body parts.

Meilhon was eventually, but it took the police nearly five months to recover Laetitia’s body parts. Eventually, enough evidence was found to put Meilhon on trial. He was convicted in 2013 and sentenced to life imprisonment. Meilhon had a history of criminal activities, including rape, robbery, and giving death threats. At the time of his acquaintance with Laetitia, Meilhon was out on bail.

The case received widespread media attention and brought to light discrepancies in the French judicial unit, police, and also social solutions. Along along with outlining the tale of Laetitia, the unfamiliar and also (the program) likewise deal with topics like physical violence, misuse, unlawful act, scarcity, national politics, and so on The set makes an effort to create the awful tale as carefully as feasible along with merely a couple of aesthetic modifications and also fictitious add-ons.

Director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade has actually mentioned that the set pays attention to the violent social setting that Laetitia stayed in. The numerous real-world concerns assist the program coating a true to life image of the awful true tale. Ultimately, the set is an expedition of community on its own. It examines the numerous inept regions of community with Laetitia’s massacre.