Is James Filiagge Dead or Alive?


Investigation Discovery’s ‘Your Worst Nightmare: Domestic Disturbance’ is an incident that accounts the painful 1994 murder of Lisa Filiaggi by the specific she when counted on the best. Having merely located real joy once more after relocating right into a residence along with her children as well as a caring fiancé, she felt every little thing would certainly appear alright. However, that is actually when her past times went back to wreck her lifestyle in among the most awful methods possible. So right now, if you’re interested to recognize even more regarding her enemy, James Filiaggi, as well as what accurately emerged, our team’ve acquired you dealt with.

Who is James Filiaggi?

James Filiagi as well as Lisa Huff Filiaggi had actually wed in December 1991, merely for her to declare breakup nearly 9 months later on. The courthouse approved their crack in February 1993, as well as within a couple of even more months, Lisa acquired interacted toEric Beiswenger This simple fact furious James, therefore he opted for to find vengeance in the only technique he recognized. On January twenty, 1994, he trespassed onto the brand-new pair’s building, trashed it, as well as likewise tossed a container at their living-room home window for scare tactics. Lisa submitted costs, unconcerned to the simple fact that James would certainly acquire a weapon pair of times later on– on the 22nd.

Is James Filiagge Dead or Alive?

On January 24, 1994, James secured a $1,000 cash loan on his visa or mastercard, left behind almost $700 along with his girl, as well as created his technique to his ex-wife’s residence. As he stopped down her door, she anxiously called 911 as well as exposed that her previous companion was actually proactively terrifying her. She at that point got away along with the phone still in her palms as well as headed to a next-door neighbor’s, yet James complied with. He required his method, saw Lisa concealing in the wardrobe, as well as grabbed her out. They had a hard time for the gun, as well as James by mistake fired her in the shoulder, causing him shooting pair of even more bullets to her scalp.

As every documents, prior to shooting for the ultimate opportunity, James pointed out to his ex-wife, “This will teach you to f–k with me.” Following this getting rid of, he headed to Lisa’s stepfather’s residence in an attempt to massacre him too prior to seeking to leave the legal system. James’ previous in-law had actually made use of pepper spray to leave him. No one know just how the when military Sargent as well as effective university grad could possibly reach this excessive, yet it quickly appeared that he would certainly possessed an assertive touch given that he was actually a youngster. James commonly worried effects, however he could not manage his mood listed below.

Is James Filiaggi Dead or Alive?

James Filiaggi was actually condemned of worsened murder as well as various other relevant butt in relationship to Lisa Filoaggi’s vicious carnage in 1995. He was actually therefore penalized to fatality through fatal treatment. He struck this decision by means of retrial movements or filings to acquire it driven to lifestyle behind bars, yet it really did not function. In 2006, however, James quit to quicken the method as well as yielded that he is actually prepared to pass away. By that opportunity, he would certainly been actually diagnosed along with a mental disorder, one thing his protection had actually unsuccessfully found to set up during the course of his test. James modified his thoughts regarding beauties a full week prior to his completion date, yet fruitless.

Eventually, on April 24, 2007, at 11:23 a.m., James Filiaggi was actually implemented at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility inScioto County For the criminal activity he devoted in Lorain County, he ended up being the 25th person to become implemented in the condition as well as the 902nd through fatal treatment in the country. His final declaration tried this method, which he regarded bothersome.

Moreover, James’ valid points, which have actually ended up being very widely known, were actually, “I know I flipped some worlds upside down. For me, it’s fine, but the state needs to learn this ain’t the answer. This is no deterrent to crime. Some are falsely convicted, railroaded. The state needs to wake up. Maybe they will follow the Europeans. God is the only one who knows.”