Iceland Football Federation Rudderless After Alleged $exual Abuse Scandal


There is actually an additional sexual harassment scandal information is actually listed below. Everybody is actually stunned after learning about this scenario. The occurrence has actually altered the lifestyle of a girl that is actually simply 25 years of ages. The total particulars have actually been available in a Tv meeting. Here you are going to learn about the scenario updates as well as what is actually the true scenario. The label of sufferer has actually been actually exposed as well as her label is actually Thorhildur Gyda Arnarsdottir.

Iceland Football Federation Rudderless After Alleged $exual Abuse Scandal

As every the information, Thorhildur Gyda Arnarsdottir showed that she as well as another female had actually been actually intimately attacked through a widely known football gamer. He got on the nationwide football crew. They were actually attacked through gamer in 2017 atReykjavik club. The ladies have actually mentioned that they were actually injured or hurt as well as submitted a grievance additionally in cops on the time. The ladies additionally showed that the implicated accepted his activity as well as also paid for settlement to all of them.

Iceland Rudderless After Alleged $exual Abuse Scandal

“A lawyer from the football association asked if I was ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement and also to receive compensation,” she mentioned. “And, naturally, I said no.”

The National Broadcaster RUV inquired Bergsson whether the criticism. An additional questions is actually working on this concern as well as perhaps you are going to recognize particulars later on. Recently on Sunday Bergsson have actually surrendered coming from his message. The whole entire board was actually welcomed as well as the meekness has actually been actually positioned facing media residences. The particulars have actually been actually shown journalism as you may observe aware.

There is actually an additional evidence that has actually seemed concerning this occurrence that the occurrence holds true. According to a University of Iceland Study, In 2018 there was actually a scenario where one in 4 ladies has actually been actually assaulted or even intimately attacked. The scenario was actually highlighted at first yet later on every person neglected it along with opportunity.

As every the various other details, Iceland readying to experience Romania, North Macedonia as well as Germany in the World Cup Qualifying during the course of the global breather. If you there is actually every other particulars or even upgrade in information happens at that point our company are going to certainly include it listed below. To recognize the updates see to it you have actually bookmarked the internet site.